Red Ball 4

Red Ball 4 has been played 8,461 times and received a rating of 3.93 / 5 (79%) from 14 votes.

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Game rating: 3.93 based on 14 votes.

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It is an eye-popping and heady game, which is beautifully storied to attract juniors. Roll the ball along the lane and use the gears like stone, box or logs to jump higher. It is a single player game with limited options and relatively easy 15 levels. You need to earn coins throughout the way.


With bright red and glossy green, the game renders interesting graphics. It starts with a pleasant story of a circle and a square. The good red ball being a circle is afraid of the monster black square, which desires to turn everything into a square including the Planet Earth. Thus, the main task is to finish these black scary monsters by jumping over them as they appear in your way.

The course is plain, but it’s tricky. There are sticks and logs to help you move up. Don’t forget to keep away from water and sharp edges. You have three heart-shaped lives to complete a level. At the beginning of every level, the lost lives in the previous level are back again.

How To Play

Simple, easy and colorful! Use the arrow keys to move the ball left, right or jump. Stay safe from the black squares and don’t miss coins while you roll the ball to complete the level. Don’t forget to unlock the silver locks by completing different tasks starting from level 3.

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