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If you’re a fan of bomberman, you’re going to love Playing with fire 2. The sequel takes all the good things from the first game and adds a whole bunch of new exciting features. The objective of the game is very simple, there are different levels that you have to go through. You make it through those levels by eliminating the opponent.

Gamers can eliminate the opponents by placing dynamite at different places on the map. You have to remove obstacles using the dynamite as well. Be careful though, you can also eliminate yourself with the blast and that’s just embarrassing.

How to play Playing with fire 2?

You control the character using the WASD keys. The objective of the game is killing your opponent. Gamers can place the dynamite on the map using the left key. There are also several different upgrades around the map that you have to collect.

WASD– Movement
Left—Place Dynamite

• Be sure of the blast radius. Nobody wants to eliminate yourself. Knowing the blast radius can help you get past more levels easily.


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