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A Blood Lover, for sure. Welcome to the Deadly World!

If you are a professional assassin or simply a hired weapon, you will enjoy the multiple possibilities in this category of murders. Work through your violent tendencies enjoying these gruesome games. These games are tied in with slaughtering: executing your foes, awful beasts, or playing a professional killer. Takedown all your opponents on your own killing game platform!

Here you can find a wide selection of assassination and murder games! Enter any bloody planet, any lethal character. We offer really cool killing games that can be played on your computer, mobile devices or tablets. Itchy finger? Is life as a virtual assassin something for you?

An End to the Existence

We are all good people, right? So why, sooner or later, we are all so fascinated with killing someone? Of course, we never would in real life, but we all wonder what it would be like. That’s where the killing games come in. You can take virtual lives in your hands without any consequences.

However, not only will we give you the latest weapons to kill, but you also get a possibly more impressive strategy. You can even focus your virus-killing force on science-themed killing games. So was your finger stung on the trigger or were you just having a bad day and looking to draw blood? Do it here, online, in our totally safe and awesome killing games. It’s your shot!

Leading Murder and Killing Games

Your enemies will be defeated. Your thirst for blood will be quenched! These are the games where your opponents will end up taking a nap or you will! Fortunately for both human or virtual, none of this is real and you can reappear and try your luck over and over again. Become an assassin and kill from afar, or eliminate everything from zombies to opposing armies and occasionally nasty aliens. Just make sure not to try all of this at home!

Yes, these games involve lots of shots, but the shots can be arrows instead of bullets or lasers. Also, sometimes you can use swords or magic instead. Unleash your aggression in the environment that best encapsulates your revengeful fantasies. That could be scientific, fantasy, or an ultra-realistic war zone. Not all games are drenched in blood either. You can even go partying while enjoying bright, fun graphics!

Experience the Ultimate Bloody Destruction

Guns and Blood, meet icons from the online killing games category. Kill everything in sight, shoot down your opponents for extra points, and kill your primary target. You can kill a target in many ways, you wouldn’t believe it. You just need that creative spirit!

Let’s be smarter and inspect advanced killing weapons as they will be able to produce a force equal to a small nuclear blast! Whatever it is, choose between various instruments and improve your killing technique. Assassinate people with weapons, knives, arrows, and other exclusive pieces in your firepower arsenal. The more deaths you write down, the better score you get!

Hordes of undead creatures incoming!

Gain from our executing games, turn on your internal murdering machine and splash every savage zombie with your programmed weapon. They will try to resist, but your killer instincts are stronger than anything else. Monsters no longer deserve to live. Screwing! The revolution has arrived! Forget about those cliche stories, kill those nasty beasts and send them back to where they came from.

Even killing someone can sometimes lead to better times in the future! Enjoy the bloodbath and become a ruthless killer! Don’t take anything this way too seriously. Don’t forget this is just a virtual world, and when you get back to reality keep your manners on!

Slice and dice your way through these games!

In recent years, the killing games have only gotten stronger. Whatever you are looking for in a free online game, we are sure that our collection will please any murderous soul for both boys and girls! These killing games are all about satisfying victories, hilarious extreme violence, and the use of clever skills to take down your opponent. When everything is too much, close your eyes and take a deep breath. None of this is real!

Killing games have consistently been one of the most well-known game configurations on the web. Whether it’s an intense first-person shooter or the relative calm of a murder strategy game, there’s a lot on offer in this genre. Play the role of a professional assassin exploring vast battlefields or dark city streets for silent and stealthy murders, or instead take on the flamboyant role of a mad mercenary, making your way through huge war zones.

About Our Killing Games Category

The main spot on the Internet to discover free murder games to astonish your eyes and take your breath away! We have tons of popular games from all over the web, so there is no way to get bored on our platform! From the first frame, this visually destructive bloody game grabs your attention and never lets you go.

The bloody bodies are weighed and stacked like wooden ropes and are awarded prizes for the greatest targeted killings. The killing games are passionate and exhilarating and give voice to slain souls. They expose the cruelty and havoc caused by murder contests. These killing games encourage and reward the murder of highly intelligent beasts. Plus, inspire action and hope that together we can take down these monsters!

Also, killing games turn the curtain on a particularly despicable form of virtual cruelty. With contestants and contestants doing their best to rack up the largest body counts, these games must force every problem and work to end these creepy shows.