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Minecraft has gone from being a game to reaching a point where it has become a cultural phenomenon. So many people are fans of the game, and they just can’t seem to get enough. This allows developers to take advantage of the hype and create Minecraft inspire games.

Grindcraft is one of those games that manages to give a different spin on the traditional game. However, what makes it special is that it does so without leaving the feel of the original. Every minute you’re playing this game, you’ll get a distinct Minecraft feel. This is particularly impressive for an idlel clicker game.

The game has all the elements that gamers come to love in Minecraft. Yet, this version is much simpler and easier to play through. To perform tasks, you simply need to click on the different icons.

Hovering over each item will reveal the different requirements that you need to craft. Crafting newer items will give you more gameplay mechanics to enjoy, as well as faster action times. Like the original game, you have to collect food and find different forms of shelter as well. If you’re looking for a casual Minecraft experience, one of the best games you play is grindcraft.

How to play Grindcraft?

The controls of the game are fairly simple, the idle clicker nature of the game means that you’ll just have to select icons. Once you click on a specific icon, it’ll perform the task that you want.


  • Make sure you collect enough wood in the start. Without the proper amount of resources, getting the start you need is nearly impossible.
  • Among the first things you really need to focus on is getting the different tools that are available. Once you get those tools, it’ll open up a whole host of different options
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