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More often than not you while find the objective of the game is to not crash. However, Turbo Dismounting completely flips the switch. There is only one objective in the game. Score the most epic crash that you think is possible. Gamers can play through several different maps and complete different challenges as well.

The game has everything you would want from this type of game. At the very start of the game you’ll get the option to unlock a few stages to play. All of these stages are a lot of fun and provide you with different possibilities that you can test out. There are tons of different vehicles to unlock as well. In spite of being simplistic in nature the game actually packs a lot of content.

How to play Turbo Dismounting?

The game is fairly simple to play. Once you enter a map you’ll see a few buttons on the bottom of the screen. Tap and hold the large start button on the right to power your jump. The more power you give the greater launch speed the character will achieve.

On the left side, you get several different options to change your jump. You can choose between several unlockable vehicles, different poses, and check out the map from a different angle. These factors and help you get higher scores than normal. Getting the highest score possible is essential, because you earn more coins.

Scoring in the game depends on a lot of different factors. However, generally the most epic crashes get the highest score! If you’re a fan of great ragdoll physics and sound effects, then you will definitely enjoy this game!


  • Get familiar with the map. Whatever stage you select it is essential that you use the view button before your first jump. Understanding the layout can help you maximize your crash score.
  • Use vehicles. Not only is it a lot more fun, it’s going to get you a much higher score. There are several different vehicles in the game so make sure you try them all!
  • Unlock obstacle maps early. These maps are a great way to earn a higher score. The more coins you have, the more accessible everything becomes.
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