Flappy Bird

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In this popular arcade game, you must guide your bird through the incoming pipes by jumping through them. Time your jumps perfectly to make it through the pipes or flappy bird will fall and you will lose the game.


Flappy Bird online features medals, which are awarded on a specific score. You score one point for each pipe you pass through. The height of each pipe will vary, but each pipe has the same amount of space in between. You can beat your own high score or play with your family or friends and beat each other’s scores. You can also share your score on Facebook and Twitter.

How to Play

Using the space bar or the right click of the mouse, controls your bird and its flapping. The bird’s speed remains constant throughout the game. Move the bird through each pipe to score points. Pipes are of different heights, so make sure you adjust your bird’s jump accordingly. If you do not time your flaps perfectly, your bird will fall and the game will be over (after which, you cannot respawn and would have to restart the game).


Walkthrough Video