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Featuring Fancy Pants and his endless adventures, this part of the series sets the adventure game in a forest, where Fancy Pants must face enemy spider, mice, snails, and so on. You can guide Fancy Pants through the different worlds in the game, and the levels within these worlds have different obstacles and enemies.


The game has different worlds featuring different levels, which allow you to embark on new adventures and defeat enemies. Collect trophies during your adventure. Fancy Pants has 3 lives and a health bar. Once its health bar runs out, it will lose one life and automatically respawn where you started. Lose all three lives and the game will be over.

How to Play

Use ‘left’ and ‘right’ arrow keys to move your character, ‘S’ to jump, the ‘up’ arrow key to open doors and the ‘down’ key to duck (especially on a slant or landing so your character can roll). Using these controls, skillfully make your way through the world without losing your lives. Explore the world of Fancy Pants and guide it through the world, defeat enemies and collect trophies and points.

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