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Do you remember the names of all the annoying yet addictive games you have played in your life? Promising yourself you would not play it at all yet you would open your mobile phone to play the same game again and again? And sometimes, even smashing your phone on the floor! If you have then you must have heard the very infamous Flappy Bird by Dong Nguyen, and even played. This game was so annoying, and so addictive at the same time, that many people have reported to have their phones smashed into the wall.

Flaap.io is a perfect replication of the same game; however, it brings a lot new features. Flaap.io is a multiplayer game so competing against other opponents is paramount. The scoreboard is displayed on the top right of the players’ screen and the goal is to make it to the top of the list by avoiding the obstacles coming your way. The pipe-like obstacles appear at the top and bottom of the screen leaving a narrow margin for the bird to pass through, do not fly too high or too low.

Moreover, as the players move past through a certain number of obstacles, the bird transforms into another one having its own characteristics. For example, it may have a faster speed; thus, making it difficult to maintain control.

How to play?

Simply, the flight is controlled by striking the spacebar on your keyboard. Players can also use mouse click to flap.


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