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Duck Life is a funny little game, which works best for time pass. The player is represented as a duck that can run, swim, and fly. Earn as many coins as you can to do some shopping for yourself from the ‘Shop’. When you enter a race, you can choose your environment from the options given in ABCya Duck Life game.


It is a two dimensional game with a serene background containing clouds and mountains. A pretty little duck jumps and tries to collect as many coins as it can without colliding with the obstacles.

The main menu has the options to ‘Enter Race’ or ‘Train the Duck’. As said earlier, a duck has the ability to run, swim, and fly. You can train your duck in any of these modes before entering the race. There are different obstacles and varied set of instructions for each mode.

During swimming, obstacles like small islands, clouds and flags appear on the screen which you have to avoid while collecting coins. Rolling stones of various size hinder the duck’s path in the running mode. There are no obstacles in the flying mode, however, you have to keep the duck steady and collect the coins.

How To Play

Each game mode has different controls, which should be practiced during training before you enter a race.

  • Run Mode: Click on the screen to jump. Avoid the rolling stones. Collect the coins.
  • Swim Mode: The ‘Up’ arrow key is used for jumping and the ‘Down’ arrow key for diving. The ‘left’ and ‘right’ arrow keys are used to move sideways.
  • Fly Mode: Keep the duck steady by dragging on the screen and changing the direction.
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