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Duck Life 3 is a sequel of Duck Life 2 with some more features and upgrades. The ducks in this game are genetically enhanced. You can pick between four ducks, each having different capabilities. The goal of the duck is to become a world champion.


After choosing your duck, you need to select one of the three leagues – Amateur, Advanced, and Professional. Advanced and Professional leagues are locked for the beginners. You either race or train from the main menu.

The graphics are very appealing and fresh, showing meadows and wind turbines. There are four modes in this game and you can train your duck in any of them. For each mode, different obstacles appear. The set of instructions is also unique.

While running, rolling footballs and basketballs hinder the path of the duck, and a jumping baseball attacks the duck. In flying mode, speed boosting purple coins are introduced. During climbing, the duck is caught between two cliffs and tries to climb upward while collecting coins. In swimming mode, boats are introduced as obstacles that have to be avoided.

How To Play

It is not a difficult game to play, but each mode has different controls.

  • For running: Click on the screen to jump. Avoid the rolling objects and the jumping baseballs.
  • For swimming: Use the ‘Up’ arrow key to jump and the ‘Down’ arrow key to dive. Avoid the obstacles.
  • For Flying: Drag the duck to set its directions. Watch for the warning signs.
  • For climbing: Use the ‘Right’ and ‘Left’ arrow keys to climb between the cliffs.
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