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Douchebag Workout is an action game asking you to guide your character through a workout regimen, which includes four sections. The workout itself will make you exercise your fingers by having you press keys quickly or hold them down. Your character’s health and energy bars indicate when your character needs food after a workout. These bars will also decrease when you fail an exercise challenge.


Douchebag Workout features four sections. The workout section involves a routine that works on the upper arm, lower arm, upper body, abs, upper leg, lower leg, neck, and cardio exercises. The food section gives you a choice between 4 energy and health boosting meals. The booster section allows you to buy boosters to build your muscles. The shopping section permits you to give your character a makeup with bronzage, bling, haircuts, and glasses. Bonuses are also obtained on the completion of each level.

How to Play

Use the ‘up’ and ‘down’ arrow keys and the space bar to complete exercises. Complete each task and make sure you do not fail an exercise, otherwise you will waste your energy. Too low energy requires you to eat a meal. Boosters will help your character build more muscles and eat food to gain fat.


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