Five Games like Wizard 101

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What is Wizard 101?

Wizzard means a male witch who practices magic.

So according to this definition, The game Wizard 101 gives the feeling of The Harry Potter. The Wizard 101 is a role-playing, fantasy-based, and action-adventures videos game which is developed and published by Kingslsle Entertainment. The players create young ambitious as the wizard, complete tasks, take part in the turn-based strategy battle, defend foes attack to secure the spiral world. The player gets badges as a sign of succession to the next level and can receive extra badges through completing the task. The player can whet the hobby skill like gardening, fishing, train pets and furniture crafts that are very helpful during cosmic magic combat.

Wizard 101 also provides a defended system that empowers the player to control the activities of their child less than thirteen years.

Support System: PC, Linux, Mac

A complimentary list of games like Wizard 101.

Runescape Like Games


Developed by Jagex Game Studio

This game is most popular browser-based MMORPG in reality. The game takes the player in the world of imagination where there are a lot of dynasties to overcome. There is one thing which catches one’s eye to create your own story because the game has not strong story-line. The player can select from available avatar, massacre beast, gather resources, and enter into the new era of the quest. The game is family-friendly, and tone is similar to the games like Wizard 101. If you are the big fan of Wizard 101, then you will not disappoint with this game.

Platform: Microsoft window, IOS, MacOS, Linux



Developed by Wizet.
Published by Nexon and Gamania.

This game is 2D side MMORPG that allows the player to interact from all over the world through chatting and trading. The player can create the numerous character according to four types of game. The player travels through mysterious maple world, defeat mook to increase his/her strength and abilities. In this game, the player can produce a group or join the group in the maple world, gain rewards and can switch to Victoria world and then to another. The Games like Wizard 101 lovers will suit their taste. MapleStory 2 is the sequel of Maplestory which released on 2015.

Platform: IOS, Microsoft window.

Toontown online

Toontown online

Developed by Disney Interactive.

In this entertainment Disney game, the player can create numerous animated cartoon by giving them different shapes, color, and names. These moving toon fight against the collection of robots to secure their toon kingdom. The game also allows the player to check health meter for not going down toon energy and armaments always full during battle. The player is permitted to plant the garden, go for fishing and play the golf without going anywhere. If you want to enjoy lovely childhood and inspired the games similar to Wizard 101 then, go ahead and enjoy childhood.

Supporting platform. Online

Pirate 101

Pirate 101

Developed by Kingslsle Entertainment.

Pirate 101 seems sister of The Wizard 101, and can probably guess is made by the same folks who made Wizard 101. You may build the pirate who voyages the seven seas to complete the task and get an entry to the next level. You may control airship, fire guns, cannons at foes, unlock new world, explore hidden treasure through same combat system games like Wizard 101. If you are finding the alternative of Wizard 101, then the option is not bad.

Platform: PC, Linux, Mac.

Club Penguin

Club Penguin

Developed by New horizon and Disney Interactive.

Club Penguin is enjoyable cartoon game from the Disney Land, in which player has to play the character of penguin. The player has to roam the beautiful snow world, to fight, and gain stamp rewards, and to complete quests to enter into new snow world. The player has access to dress up penguin stylish and decorate igloo with the attractive color combination. Club Penguin is a kid-friendly game, but an adult can enjoy to change it according to their taste.The feature of this game is like Wizard 101.

Availability: Online