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Whack your ex is a stress reliever game for those who want vengeance against their ex. This game allows you to vent out all your frustrations while not harming anyone in the real life. While being therapeutic, it allows you to get creative in the ways you hurt your ex. The game is certainly not for faint hearted people since it features some bloodshed as well.


The game consists of two characters – a boy and a girl. There are some objects randomly placed on the floor. You can use those objects to beat your ex. Some things will only hurt the female character, while others will only hurt the male character.

Graphically, the game is quite simple-looking with everything colored in black and white except the objects on the floor. When the game starts, the man and the woman stand facing each other. Your job is over after clicking an object since the characters start behaving in a programmed manner.

How To Play

The game can be controlled with a mouse or a touch pad. First of all, decide which object will be best to beat your ex. Click on that object and sit back while your character destroys the other character – that is your ex. There are different things for hurting each gender. Be careful to click on the right item.

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