07 The Best Ultra Wide Gaming Monitors in 2020

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Gaming monitors are an exceptionally crucial component in creating your build. Without a good monitor, regardless of how healthy your PC is, you won’t be able to get the most out of your games without a decent monitor. Ultra-wide monitors have been gaining increasing popularity due to their ability to provide gamers with a greater field of view.

Furthermore, the new ultra wide monitors pack the latest technology, giving you the highest viewing resolutions and the best refresh rates. If you’re going to invest in a new gaming monitor, it’s ideal to look at the very best ultrawide gaming monitors in the market right now.
So without any more lollygagging, it’s time to look at the best widescreen monitors money can buy.

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7 Top Ultrawide Gaming Monitors

Below, we will talk about 7 the very best ultra wide gamer monitors:

BenQ EX3501R 21: 9 Curved UltraWide Monitor
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The first thing you’ll notice about the massive 35-inch screen ultrawide monitor is its relatively low profile. In spite of supporting a 35-inch screen, the body of the monitor is still relatively minimal, and it takes up a surprisingly little amount of space on your desk.

The monitor also comes setup entirely straight out of the box, so you don’t have to waste any time mounting. The mount also comes with a hole in it that allows you to push your wires through it to organize your cables.

Moving on the screen of the monitor, the color performance of the monitor is exceptional. The color coverage is accurate enough to ensure that you can enjoy gaming, movies, and video editing on this single screen without having to adjust any settings. Furthermore, the monitor supports 4k gaming with a refresh rate of 100Hz. You can also overclock the refresh rate if you’re using an AMD card due to the free sync technology.

Another exciting feature of the monitor is the HDR function. Like most modern ultrawide gaming monitors the BenQ does feature HDR mode. However, the performance in the HDR mode isn’t as game-changing as in other monitors. The BenQ has a relatively limited brightness range when you compare it to some of the best widescreen monitors in the market.

Moreover, the monitor allows you to change several settings from the control panel on the bottom of the screen. The only problem is that the buttons on the control panel are clunky and awkward to use. A simple joystick control would have been much better.

In spite of being one of the more expensive monitors on our range, the BenQ EX3501 is one of the best ultrawide monitors you can buy.


  • Minimal body
  • HDR resolution
  • Great quality screen


  • High price
  • Clunky control panel
  • Limited brightness
LG 25UM58-P 25-Inch 21:9 UltraWide IPS Monitor
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Not all the people in the world have an unlimited budget, making it impossible to get some of the high tier monitors in the market. The LG 25UM58-P is one of the best budget ultrawide monitors available on the market right now.

The monitor doesn’t have the array of features most top tier ultrawide monitors have. However, it does pack a beautiful screen. The IPS display ensures that from whatever angle you view the screen, you’ll get a clear picture. It’s rare for monitors that cost so less to feature an IPS display. Additionally, the monitor has an On-screen control that allows you to adjust a multitude of settings quickly from the screen.

Additionally, the monitor has a gaming mode that improves performance while playing videogames. In this gaming mode, the monitor supports 60Hz refresh rate to give you incredibly smooth gaming experience. Furthermore, the screen split features allow you to fit multiple windows into your monitor. The display will enable you to adjust the size of each window, allowing you to prioritize the work quickly.

A monitor is a budget option that’ll offer you decent gaming performance for a minimal cost. You won’t be breaking any gaming barriers; however, if you need a safe minimum costing option, the LG 25UM58-P is perfect for you.


  • Incredibly low price
  • Great Screen
  • Productivity-enhancing features


  • No 34-inch screen
  • No overclocking
  • Minimal mac support
Acer XR342CK Pbmiiqphuzx 34" Curved QHD
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The XR series is also one of the market leaders in ultra wide monitors. It may not be on the same level as the x34 however, the XR342CK is still an incredibly viable option for you to buy. The curved screen is 34 inches in size and has a 21:9 ratios and QHD resolution. Whatever, you’re using your monitor for you will surely get the ultimate experience with Acer XR342CK.

The screen uses an IPS display and offers 100% support for the sRGB coloring. The IPS display makes sure that you can view the monitor from any possible angle. Furthermore, the monitor also has DTS sound support. The monitor also has an incredibly minimal response time of 1ms. Moreover, the monitor is capable of reaching a refresh rate of 100Hz. The AMD free sync technology of the monitor also ensures that you suffer from minimal screen tear and stuttering.

The monitor also has a multitude of other features including HDR support. The HDR support makes sure that you can easily switch to HDR resolution with a push of a button. Moreover, Acer vision care makes sure that there’s minimal fatigue on your eyes when gaming using this specific monitor.

In spite of having a whole multitude of features on offer, the Acer XR342CK doesn’t perform all of them to perfection. There are issues with 100Hz support, and the speakers aren’t entirely useful at creating a decent atmosphere. Moreover, some units have a problem with dead pixels as well.

Looking at everything in unison, it becomes clear that the Acer XR342CK is a robust gaming monitor. It may not be the best in its class but is a cheaper alternative to some monitors that are the best in the series.


  • Nominal pricing
  • The immersive, high-quality IPS screen


  • Unreliable features
  • Build quality issues
HKC 34'' 4K Curved

4k monitors are typically the most expensive on the market. The major companies all sell their 4k monitors for greater than $500. However, if you’re on a tighter budget, don’t worry, there’s an alternative you can buy as well. The HKC 34 inch Ultrawide monitor is a 4k display that is made by a Chinese company.

The monitor offers a 3440×1440 resolution, and during both playing videogames or watching a movie you’ll experience best in class performance. Furthermore, the screen also has a blue filter that eliminates a lot of fatigue. The display also has a refresh rate of 100Hz that provides with a much smoother gaming experience than screens with refresh rates of 60Hz or 80Hz.

The size of the screen also enables the user to effectively use the monitor in split-screen and increase their productivity. Furthermore, the monitor also has AMD free sync technology that helps optimize graphical performance even further if you’re using an AMD graphic card.

The primary issue with the HKC ultrawide is of quality assurance. The company isn’t a juggernaut like the others on our list, and several orders do report significant build quality issues.


  • Low price
  • 4k resolution
  • 100 Hz refresh rate


  • Unknown company
  • Poor build quality

The list above contains some of the best Ultrawide monitors you can find. It also includes some of the best cheap ultrawide gaming monitor alternatives that are available for you to buy. If you haven’t been a part of the ultrawide master race, it’s about time you joined. Ultrawide monitors are the future, and they’re sure to increase your gaming experience as well as your efficiency.

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