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About Fighting the Coronavirus in our Games

We developed the “Coronavirus Games” category to raise awareness and encourage people to fight this deadly virus instead of giving up. It is a gateway for the younger generation to learn about the virus and know how to prevent it. Furthermore, the game is based on the concept of killing the coronavirus and defending yourself.

Fighting coronavirus is very simple but incredibly attractive on our website. It’s fast, fun and fantastic! Its simple controls, wonderful sounds, music and brilliant visual effects make it accessible for all ages. Fighting coronavirus is an exciting and addictive activity that tests your concentration and reaction levels. So get ready to hit the start button!

Let’s briefly talk about what actually the coronavirus is?

So, the coronavirus is a recent outbreak of respiratory disease now called COVID-19. It generally belongs to a family of viruses known to contain strains that cause life-threatening diseases in mammals and birds. In humans, they are generally spread through liquid droplets in the air produced by infected individuals.

Stuck at home and nothing to do? Don’t worry as we’ve got you covered!

With the coronavirus keeping everyone locked up at home, many more people are playing video games but with their minds wandering around how to beat this virus. But what if you have exhausted those game options and need something new to play? So for you, we develop the corona games during your self-isolation at home. Fortunately, there are plenty of games you can play online right now, and you don’t need to spend a single penny!

Wanna socialize without going outside?

We are all thinking about how we can socialize without going out during this outbreak. While this is a new situation for everyone, there are a huge number of individuals making significant and enduring connections from their homes. They are doing it through the world of online games. So why don’t you? Start playing our online coronavirus games and enjoy!

You can socialize with others online and create a sense of community and well-being. Most players highly value socialization aspects. They are among the top motivations to play, especially when it comes to participating in “massively multiplayer online games.” And surprisingly in our coronavirus gaming genre, you can all stand together and defeat this deadly virus!

Amazing Facts about Game Lovers

According to the latest statistics from the gaming industry, 65% of adults play video games on different types of hardware: 60% on phones, 52% on a personal computer, and 49% on a dedicated console. What might surprise you is that among players, the gender divide is shrinking: 46% are women and 54% are men.

One of the most significant findings is that 63% of players play with others and that many players draw social support from the gaming communities in which they are located. Other research has shown that appears to be no difference in general friendships between players and non-players. The longer you play, the more likely you are to form friendships online. We know you love playing games, that’s why we designed this category about a current pandemic in the world! Do not be interrupted by virus threats, but rather beat it and confront it. Start playing right now!

Your 3 main goals in our Coronavirus Games

  1. You must fight against the dangerous virus strains as they are spreading everywhere. Protect people, protect humanity!
  2. Eliminate the virus with the help of the vaccine. Don’t waste your time and give a chance to the coronavirus to unfurl. Vanish it, crush it, defeat it and stand head-high in front of it!
  3. Complete your mission, kill the coronavirus and end its temporary kingdom from all across the World!

Also, don’t forget to take the preventive measures listed below as the safety of your life is our priority:

  • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds
  • Use sanitizer as much as you can
  • Take steam once in a day
  • Eat hygienic food and boost your immune system
  • Follow local public health guidelines
  • Try to stay calm
  • Stay at home, stay safe!

Now, start your mission to save the World, protect the old and the young people by ending the rule of the Coronavirus in our Games!