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Game rating: 4.25 based on 8 votes.

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Designed along the lines of PlayerUnkown’s BattleGround and, offers a striking 2D Battle Royale experience. If you’re a fan of the browser-based action-packed titles, then this is definitely the game for you. Released by .IO Games in October last year, the thrilling gameplay fast became popular amongst gaming enthusiasts. As with most Battle Royale games, this title allows you to showcase your gaming talent and compete with other skilled players. With an interesting backdrop including a shrinking battle arena where you need to fight the rest and be the last person standing, this game is both immersive and entertaining.


Surviv io packs a cornucopia of interesting features like a real-time map, an exciting battleground with opponents ready to take you on, special weapons & armor, and unique objects that you can use to your advantage. With an arena full of battling contestants, covered by trees and rocks, the gameplay is quite addictive as you start devising strategies to move through the map, take on opponents and hide from your enemies. The game involves entering the arena with your chosen character and moving up different levels to traverse the game map.

How To Play

Playing this fabulous game is fun and easy. Just choose s nickname and enter the arena to take on the rest of the opponents from across the globe. Hide behind trees and rocks to avoid being spotted by others. As you move through levels, new weapons and armor are unlocked which you can use to take down challengers until you’re the last person standing in the shrinking battling arena.


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