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Home » Shooting Games » is a snazzy shooter game offering an exciting gameplay and a wide array of interesting features. It has aspects similar to most other games in the genre providing users with an enthralling gaming experience. You are required to collect rewards and gather points by fighting each other. As an opponent dies, you can collect their items and add them to your collection. So, are you ready for some exciting action? There are a lot of skilled contestants out there who are as motivated to win the game and grab the top slot at the global leaderboard as you.


The addictive game brings an impressive range of exciting features such as new & improved levels, rewards, fierce opponents, speed boosters, a shrinking fighting arena, and loads of special weapons that make the gameplay really interesting. It’s important to be very vigilant playing this game, as the battleground is filled with opponents waiting to take you on. Use the items like machine guns, pistols, and armor to stay in the game and keep yourself safe from the rest of the players eyeing the top spot.

How To Play

In order to play, choose your character and customize it by selecting the options available in the menu. Every character is reflected as a colored circle on the map with a dark ring around it indicating its strength. Start by fighting the opponents and collecting their rewards, then proceed to higher levels with each win unlocking more perks and weapons along the way.


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