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Strike Force Heroes is a kill and win game in which the soldiers are sent on a rescue mission in each level. The difficulty level increases with each successive stage, and the soldiers can buy more weapons with the earned points.


After hitting ‘Play’, you should create your profile and choose a name. A horizontal menu appears at the bottom of the screen showing following options – Play, Soldiers, Options, Medals, and Tips. From the ‘Options’ menu, you can select Graphics, Sounds, and Miscellaneous settings. The ‘Soldiers’ option lets you choose among four soldiers – Medic, Assassin, Commando, and Tank. You can also change the color of the suit your soldier is wearing. At the beginning of each level, the soldier gets two weapons to complete the mission.

You can select one of the following three game modes – Campaign, Challenge, and Quick. Go through the tutorial and start playing. You have limited ammo, so try to not fire all of it before the mission is completed. Your ‘Killstreak’ increases with every enemy you kill. You can buy more ammo and weapons with the points earned.

How To Play

Use the arrow keys to move your soldier forward and backward. The ‘Up’ arrow key makes the soldier jump. The ‘Down’ arrow key lets the soldier crawl through narrow spaces. The Mouse/touch pad is used to aim and shoot at the enemies. Press ‘Esc’ at any point in the game to take a look at the mission info. Go through the directions given in the beginning of each mission to understand what the mission is about.


Walkthrough Video