Papa’s Cupcakeria

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Papa’s Cupcakeria is a single-player game from Papa Louie Arcade. You are hired as a cupcake maker. You will try to satisfy your customers by making perfectly baked cupcakes. As you advance in your rank, you’ll notice a change in the seasons of the town where your bakery is located.


On the start menu, there is a ‘Play’ and a ‘Mute’ button. You can customize the look of your character. A ‘Crash Course’ helps you understand the game. There are four stations mentioned at the bottom of the screen – Order Station, Batter Station, Bake Station, and Build Station.

Once you deliver an order, customer ranks every aspect of your cupcake and tips you accordingly. In between customers, you can play mini games to earn more money. From the ‘Shop’, you can buy stuff like door bell, oven booster, and bake alarm to upgrade your shop. Holiday season lets you earn hundreds of dollars at the end of it.

How To Play

Press the ‘Play’ button and complete the tutorial by following the instructions. Take order at the ‘Order Station’. Go to ‘Batter Station’ and fill the cupcakes with just enough batter. Bake your cupcakes at the ‘Bake Section’. At the ‘Build Station’, you will put whipped cream or chocolate frosting, cherries, chocolate chips, and sprinkles on your cupcake according to the customer’s demand. Pass the ticket. Make sure to bake the cupcake to perfection and make it pretty with the toppings.

Walkthrough Video