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Splix.io is a great online free game that involves annexing land to become the biggest landlord ever. It’s an interesting play where gamers try to conquer territories, invade blocks and evade the other players. With awesome graphics, brilliant gameplay and exciting levels, this .io game will have you pining for replays. Are you ready for some land-assimilation?


Splix.io involves building an empire through conquering land in order to become the owner of the biggest territory. The best thing about this game is that you get to play against actual players in an interesting multiplayer environment compared to some .io games that make use of bots and AI. Annex as much terrain as you can and surround a big group of blocks to bring it back to your area and fill it with your color to be merged with your land. But, be careful not to leave a trail because other players can use that to take you down and claim your land.

How To Play

In order to play the simple yet engaging, Splix.io, use the WASD or arrow keys on your keyboard to move your character and surround a group of blocks. Use the mouse to conquer land and select different options and levels in the game.


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