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Who isn’t a fan of a good old game of Solitaire? One of the oldest ways to kill time when you’re stuck by yourself. The game is simple to understand yet presents a sufficient challenge as well. Solitr is an online game that follows all the rules of traditional Solitaire.

You see everything as clear as you possibly could against a white background. The cards are already in place, and all you need to do is begin the game. Solitr plays exactly like traditional Solitaire, where you have to stack all the cards in order. The cards must be descending in number. For example, you can only play four after 5.

Furthermore, the card you place must also be opposite in color. Otherwise, your progress will stop. Once you stack all the cards and the four aces come to the top, you have won the game. If you want to make it competitive, you can start keeping track of time. The quicker you finish the game, the better your score becomes. Everyone is familiar with how to play this brilliant card game. So there’s no need to spend time thinking, get online and get to Solitr.

How to play Solitr?

You only need your mouse to play. Use the mouse to select and drop cards wherever you need to place them.

Strategies to use

Before you start stacking, arrange the cards first. To finish the game, you must stack the cards at the top. However, you can just as easily keep piling them on the bottom then shift them all to the top.

Don’t be afraid of getting stuck. Solitaire may seem like a simple game in nature, but it’s tough. There will be some moments where you will be blocked entirely. However, as long as you don’t let up, you’ll make it out of the situation.


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