Hottest Racing Gaming Chair – List of Top 5!

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What is a Racing Gaming Chair?

In recent years, within the gaming industry, if there is one thing that has caught the attention of gamers, it has got to be the racing gaming chair. DXRacer introduced the racing style gaming seat a decade ago, and since then, an increasing number of competitors joined the bandwagon trying to claim their market share. The race car style gamer chairs have revolutionized the dynamics of the gaming industry. The racing game chair was introduced keeping in mind the needs of gamers who were into extended gaming sessions, oblivious to their surroundings. While gaming, we realize that gaming enthusiasts would want to recline a little to relax their lower back maintaining a good posture. Therefore, GamesEverytime understands that while you play, you need the backrest. We believe that a racing-style chair must have a tension-controlled reclining backrest with a seat pan sider. However, the latter only comes in high-end chairs, which are often used in workplaces.

Racing gaming chairs come in various shapes, sizes and designs, so you can buy one according to your height, body weight, and comfort level. They span over all kinds of price ranges and looks. The manufacturers initially got inspired with racing cars and then decided to bring the same feel and aesthetic to the gaming industry.

Racing Gaming Chairs Comparison Table

Editor’s Choice

GamesEverytime players recommend the DXR racing gaming chair for its aesthetic appeal, comfort, and reliability. This luxurious racing seat tops our list for hardcore gamers looking for the best value for their money!

5 Best Racing Design Game Chairs

There is a huge variety of new racing-style game seats in the market offering comfort without compromising on the quality. However, GamesEverytime recommends the following seats for their style, aesthetics, and comfort.

1. DXR Racing Gamer Chair

DXR Racing Gaming Seat

Featuring a slim body construction, the DXRacer racing game chair provides a tall backrest to take care height adjustment through the SGS certified gas lift holds. It allows you to customize different features as per your choice through its three-dimensional armrest, and backrest, which can tilt 90-135 degrees. Moreover, it lets you sit up straight even for extended gaming sessions with its lumbar cushions, dense cold foam, and the headrest. It also allows you to lock the tilt, letting you sit up straight during times when you don’t want to rock back and forth. The casters roll smoothly over flat surfaces.


  • Material: PU Leather
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Armrests: Adjustable


  • Satisfactory reviews by almost all its users
  • Adjustable completely
  • Visually appealing, excellent aesthetics


  • Expensive
Vertagear S-Line SL5000

Our reviewers suggest that this model offers added comfort and quality compared to the previous 4000 model. The SL 5000 is the best and true to the Vertagear’s name. It rolls smoothly, so are sure to get a high-quality feel to it.


  • Material: Multi Fabric
  • Armrests: Adjustable
  • Wheels: Caster


  • A good overall design
  • Maintains a balance between comfort and support
  • Uses only high-quality materials in construction
  • Comes in various colors to choose from


  • Quality doesn’t come cheap. If you are looking for a high-end seat, you will have to pay for it
  • Racing firmness may not be suited to all body structures

3. Corsair T1 Race Gamer Chair

Corsair T1 race game chair

This seat (offered in two colors: black and red) is rated high for the stability it offers with its nylon caster rollerblade wheels allowing the astute gamers remain still during their game sessions, thus providing them an uninterrupted experience. Its 4D movement armrests let the gamers modify their wrist posture in all directions as per their comfort. For added comfort, it comes with leather-wrapped neck and added cushion with automotive stitching for durability. Weighing 53lbs, this racer chair comes with a reclining option of up to 180 degrees. While you can always adjust the tilt function, this chair will allow you to lock the tilt should you fear to trip over. The rollerblade wheels ensure smooth movement even on tough surfaces


  • Material: Multi Fabric
  • Armrests: Adjustable
  • Colors: 5


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Trendy look available in artsy colors
  • Smooth Rollerblade wheels


  • Covers too long and side leather too tough
  • High price only affordable by a few

4. Merax Racing Style Seat

Merax Racing Style Gaming Chair

This racing style chair is a lucrative option to make any game room look extraordinary. The attractive color scheme enhances the design while the extra padding and curved back ensure more comfort. It lets you adjust your height with its pneumatic gas lift cylinder. Having a load capacity of 330 lbs, the 90-180 degree tilt of this racing game seat lets you recline all the way back but you can always lock it with its inbuilt feature. The lumbar support and footrest help you stay cozy during your game endeavors.


  • Material: Leather
  • Wheels: Caster
  • Tilt Lock: Yes



  • Adjustable footrest
  • Maximum of 180-degree tilt with tilt-lock feature
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Load capacity of up to 330 lbs


  • The armrest could be wobbly hence uncomfortable for some.
Essentials by OFM Racing Style Game Seat

This racing-style game chair provides luxury and comfort during extended, intense gaming sessions. Its ergonomic swivel provides long hours of comfort with contoured padding at all the right places; headrest, arms and back to provide you uninterrupted experience. It lets you adjust according to your height, recline control, and flipping up arms when you don’t need them. Having a load capacity of 250lbs, this long-lasting racer chair, backed by the Essentials by OFM limited warranty,  promises relaxed experienced at all times.


  • Material: Leather
  • Weight: 37 lbs
  • Height: 48.25 inches
  • Length: 29.25


  • Adjustable arms for console controller holding
  • Reclining support for kicking back
  • Breathable material
  • Comfortable headrest- Padded armrests best suited for race gaming


  • Not enough room for knees
  • The lumbar support is not comfortable enough

Racing Gaming Chair Buying Guide

Now we look at the factors you must consider before buying a racing gaming chair.


Most racing gamer chairs have similar attributes to those of PC chairs for gaming. In fact, some of PC game chairs are racing-style seats, hence giving you an added advantage. When picking a game chair, take into account the following features:


Being able to adjust a race game seat, is imperative to have an ideal racing experience. Features that take care of your particular preferences like elevation, reclining and armrest adjustment are essential for comfort. Hence, when buying a race seat, you must look for one that allows you to adjust different features according to your preference.

Height Adjustability Feature

If you are a race game enthusiast, you would know how frustrating it is to have your legs floating in the air just because your game seat lacks the feature of height adjustment, which is usually controlled by a compressed gas cylinder installed in all good chairs. Similarly, if you are tall, it will be equally unpleasant to have your knees knocking against the bottom of the table during extended game sessions. This could greatly affect your game experience. It is a good idea to look for an adjustable sliding seat allowing tall gamers to get more support behind their legs and short gamers to sit all the way back in the chair.

Armrest Feature

If the game seat you choose does not let you adjust your armrest, it could cause strain on the wrist and significantly decrease the comfort level, hence leading to getting tired earlier than normal. Usually, a race game seat offers armrest adjustment, unlike a regular office chair, for added comfort of gamers.

Backrest Support

During a furious game session, it is important to be able to place your back at an angle you are most comfortable with. From sitting upright for a tight posture to laying back in a flat position, without falling behind, your seat must provide backrest adjustability to let you choose between the two angles to make your game session comfortable and relaxing.

Complementing the Overall Aesthetics

While you have invested so much time, effort and resources on your gaming setup, you would not want to ignore how the chair complements all of your efforts. Hence, finding a seat that is both comfortable and visually appealing becomes an important factor when deciding to buy a seat. There is no reason to not find a race car gaming chair matching your style. From the structure to the color and making, why not ensure everything complements the overall setup.

The material used in Construction

Though all of the PC, as well as race chairs, are made from similar padded foam, there are variations in firmness for both. Typically, a good seat will have more firmness for the back support compared to a PC game seat. However, it is up to you whether you like to have a more firm support for racing games, or a leaner support to allow you flexibility and better comfort.


As discussed, there is a myriad of racing game chairs on the market coming in all sizes, shapes, designs, and colors to choose from. Depending upon the personal preferences, you can choose any of the above we described. It is common to be tempted by all the awesome features in a racing gaming chair but that will come at a high price. Hence, it is imperative to know your needs, and then base your purchasing decision amidst the range of brands available in the market.


How comfortable are racing game chairs?

Ans: They are built especially for your comfort while playing racing games.

What is the best racing chair?

Ans: It depends on your requirements, we found DXRacer racing series very good.

What is special about racing game chairs?

Ans:  They simply look like a racing car seat and are extremely comfortable.

Racing game chairs versus Forza motorsport chair?

Ans: On the other hand, racing chairs are regular seats that look like a race car seat.

How expensive is a racing game seat?

Ans: They usually range from $100 to $600 but the price can go higher.

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