The 8 Best Pink Computer Cases for 2020

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Are you setting up a gaming space of your and need the coolest accessories? Pink computer cases can give the oomph to your setup that you are looking for.

PC cases are usually considered as fancy item among gamers, although they are worth investing your money in than you might think. They do not only look cool but they also prevent your hardware from overheating and enable you to use varying sized graphic cards as well. Plus, you get to personalize your computer and if the color is pink, your gaming room can look super lit.

If you are into pink computer cases like us, here are the 8 best pink PC cases for competitive prices compiled in one place for you.

So, read through and we bet you will find one that suits your budget and other needs.

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Below, we will talk about eight of the very best pink color pc case for every gamer:

In Win 101 Pink ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case

If you don’t like using a lot of tools to set up your gaming accessories, this In Win 101 mid tower gaming computer case is the one for you.

It has a stylish yet convenient design with a white structure and pink edges. One side of it is made of glass that can easily be taken out without any tools. It has some great cooling features with the room for 6 fans. Therefore, it helps enhance the airflow through the rig and add to the durability of your hardware.

It also consists of a section for holding GPU. Therefore, it helps keep your graphic cards intact and make them more durable.


  • 6 spaces for fans to keep the hardware cool
  • Extra space in the base helps enhance the airflow


  • One-sided glass panel makes it delicate to handle
  • No fans included
APEVIA X-Dreamer 4

If you want a little fancy and ultra-stylish PC case that you can flaunt to other gamer friends of yours, this is the best pick for you.

It has a sturdy pink case with a red-tinted window on one side. The case comes with 1 big fan with red LED lights on it and it peeks from the window. Therefore, the CPU looks very cool with the red window lit up.

The other four fans included in the set are 120 mm while the LED one is 220 mm. It also consists of a temperature display, three USB ports and an audio port in the front.


  • 4 slots for disk drive
  • Temperature display with Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Consists of one MIC jack too
  • Lightweight yet sturdy enough


  • Fans come with Molex connectors
Apevia X-Infinity Mid Tower Gaming PC Case

Another basic and entire pink design, this PC case is great for gamers who enjoy LED lights peeking from the inside.

One side of the case is made of acrylic for a clear view of your hardware. Moreover, the fans included in the set come along with 15 LED lights which make the set up look pretty lit. The case side has holes in it for better airflow.

The top of the case consists of 3 USB ports and an audio port. Overall, the case is lightweight yet sturdy with a basic and sleek design. It is perfect for adding color and lights to your gaming room.


  • 2 fans included with 15 LED lights
  • Lightweight yet sturdy design
  • Support multiple kinds of motherboards


  • Not very spacious from inside
Apevia X-MIRAGE-PK Mid Tower

If you are looking for a basic design with a clear view of the insides, this gaming computer case can be your perfect match.

The uppermost top of the front panel consists of three USB ports and one audio port along with a white LED light that switches on when your computer is working. There are two fans included in the set for front and rear. They have purple LED lights on them which make the case look pretty cool when the system is on.

Overall, you can fit 3 120 mm sized fans in the front and one at the back. Therefore, there is good airflow through the rig and the cooling feature works decently well.


  • A lot of space for fitting more fans
  • Comes with 2 fans
  • Acrylic sides for a clear internal view


  • The LED lights in the fans are not bright enough
Apevia X-PIONEER-PK ATX Mid Tower Gaming Case

If you want a sharp design yet want your internals and jacks to stay protected, this gaming case is perfect for you.

The window on one side is edgy and looks pretty sharp. It gives you a view of the insides while protecting them well too. The front panel has a door which protects all the drives. In the lowest part of the front panel and on the top, there are many small holes of the same size than ensure better airflow.

There are 3 USB ports and 2 audio ports on the top as well. Overall, the case is a great deal for the price you have to pay.


  • Protective door for keeping drivers safe
  • Holes for better airflow and cooling
  • Stylish and modern design


  • The door is fragile and easy to break
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