Beautiful White Computer Cases Reviewed by a Gamer

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The color white is increasingly becoming a popular choice among pc cases. In a world full of dark colors choosing a white PC case can help you stand out effortlessly. The PC cases give off an incredibly futuristic feel. They are making your gaming unit look like an ideal product out of the future.

Additionally, the color white and can give off a look of minimalism and serenity. It can provide you with the perfect sort of balance from the chaos of all the games you play. If you’re looking for different types of white computer cases to change your gaming aesthetic, then this article has got you covered.

These are some of the best looking white PC cases you can buy today.

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7 Beautiful White Computer Cases

Below we will talk about 7 best white pc cases available in the market:

1. CORSAIR Crystal 460X

CORSAIR Crystal 460X
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Let us begin with CORSAIR, a company responsible for some of the best looking and efficient PC cases we’ve ever seen. The Crystal 460X is no different, and it ticks all the right boxes.

The PC case is a Mid-Tower, making it the perfect size for a gaming unit capable of playing the most modern games. You won’t be able to achieve any crazy FPS at the highest graphics settings, but there’s still enough room to give you a more than functional experience. The PC case weighs only 18 pounds and isn’t that tall making it surprisingly portable.

The design of the PC case is where things lift off tremendously. It features two beautiful tempered glass panels on the side and the front. They are quickly allowing you to see into the components of your gaming unit. To add to the beautiful white aesthetic, the PC case comes with 3 LED RGB fans. The RGB fans combine with the white case to give a stunning look. You can alter the colors of the fan and choose one which goes best with the white color.

The fans aren’t there to look cool. However, they combine with the design of the PC case to create an efficient cooling system. The design incorporates a direct airflow path to ensure that the high-temperature components receive cold air efficiently. In addition to all this, the Crystal 460X has enough room to accommodate a liquid cooling system. It has room for front, top, and rear radiators to ensure that you can use liquid cooling to quieten your build down.

In spite of its rather compact design, CORSAIR ensure that the insides have enough space to incorporate everything the modern gamer needs. The case has enough room to support an ATX motherboard and multiple GPUs to ensure maximum performance from gaming.
Aside from all this performance and cooling brilliance, the PC case is also incredibly easy to set up. It boasts a tool-less drive installation and an incredibly accessible dust filter.

A combination of features, aesthetic and ease of use make this PC case an absolute must buy if you’re looking for a new mid-tower PC case.

3. Phanteks Eclipse P400

Phanteks PH-EC416PTG_WT Eclipse P400 Steel
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Another Mid-Tower case. The Phanteks P400 eclipse continues the trend of minimalist white PC cases. It comes with a white metal body that looks stunning to behold. One side of the PC case features a tempered glass panel that allows you to look into the internal components of your gaming unit.

In addition to the sleek metal body, the PC case comes with an RGB downlight and an RGB power light that combine to light up the interior of the case. The lighting combines with the sleek metal body to give an incredibly futuristic look. You can adjust the illumination from the brilliantly simple I/O panel. The panel is on the top of the PC case and is built to be as unobtrusive as possible to maintain the overall look.

It’s not all about the look, however, as the PC case has an incredibly functional design. Aside from the two Phanteks fans, there’s enough room to install a cooling water radiator. Furthermore, the white PC case comes with magnetic dust filters that make maintenance and cleaning much easier for you. Keeping with making life easier for you, Phanteks left ample space for cable management. Aside from an additional compartment, the Phanteks Velcro cable ties are incredibly helpful in fastening your cables together.

If you’re not happy with the space on offer, Phanteks also include the ability to remove the HDD cage. You can do this if you want to fit a more extended Power supply unit or a water pump.

If you’re looking for a futuristic looking mid-tower PC case, then this one may just be the right choice for you.

5. NZXT H500i

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The H500i takes the entire cake when we’re looking at futuristic looking PC cases. The H series features a sleek all white metal body that makes the case look both modern and minimalistic.

In addition to the white metal body, the PC case comes with a dark tempered glass pane that works very well. Keeping in touch with the minimal design, the I/O panel is on the top of the PC. Furthermore, the PC case also incorporates two cooling fans, and an interior led light. The interior led light and fans are both controllable from the I/O panel. It allows you to personalize both the look of your PC and the cooling capabilities.

In addition to the two fans, the PC case also incorporates enough space for an efficient liquid cooling system. Furthermore, there’s enough space to add three more fans as well. The interior is roomy enough to ensure support for three functional motherboard forms. These include the ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini ITX. In addition to this, there’s enough room for a large size GPU. Giving you enough place to store enough power to help you play modern video games effortlessly.

The NZXT H500i is a recent white PC case that features a futuristic design. The case has an incredibly reasonable price as well, and if you’re looking for a PC case for a starter build, this one is highly recommendable. There’s enough room for wire support, and the side panel slides open easily, allowing you to get as DIY as you want.

6. Thermaltake Core V1

Thermaltake Core V1 Snow Edition
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Thermaltake is taking the concept of minimalism to a whole different level. The Thermaltake Core V1 is a Mini-tower PC case. The case features a white aluminum body that looks super sleek and clean. Furthermore, the frame includes a great deal of ventilation in its design.

The remarkability of the design doesn’t end there. Thermaltake to make up for the incredibly compact design, are incorporating a chamber concept in the Core V1. The upper chamber is for cooling performance and efficiency, while the lower room is solely for power supply and cable management.

The chambers concept opens up the possibility for the users significantly. In spite of its incredibly compact size, there is enough room for new fans and a liquid cooling system. Furthermore, you can easily fit a mid-sized GPU into the system.  It’s important to remember the size of this PC case when making your build. You may not be able to create a gaming monster, but there’s enough space to make an efficient gaming unit.

The most impressive aspect of the Thermaltake Core V1 is the ventilation. The superior ventilation of the PC case means that it can quickly provide an efficient cooling system using just one fan.

If you’re looking for a mini compact size PC case, there’s very few better than the Thermaltake Core V1.

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