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Papa’s Bakeria is a single-player, easy to play food game. You are hired at the bakery as a pie-maker. You will note down orders and try to deliver as much pies as you can. Customers will tip you more if they like your pies and you can use these tips to upgrade the bakery.


From the main menu of Papa’s Bakeria, you can mute the sound if you don’t like the music. Pressing the ‘Play’ button starts the game and takes you to a tutorial where you finish a mini order. From the ‘Slot’ menu, you can change the appearance of your player. There are four stations mentioned at the bottom of the screen – Order Station, Build Station, Bake Station, and Topping Station.

After finishing an order, customer ranks your pie and gives you a tip. You can use your tips to buy things from the ‘Shop’ like Door Bell, Cook Booster, and Bake Alarm. There are some mini games in between rounds to help you earn more money.

How To Play

Press the ‘Play’ button and complete the tutorial by following directed steps. When a customer arrives, note down the order by clicking on the icon. Move on to ‘Build Station’ to assemble your pie by dragging customer specified ingredients onto the pan. After assembling, bake your pie at the ‘Bake Station’ and make sure you don’t overcook the pie. At the ‘Topping Station’, put the toppings as per customer’s orders on the pie and make it presentable. Pass the ticket when you are done.

Walkthrough Video