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Decades ago, a mobile snake game surfaced that captivated everyone’s interest in it. Over the years, many developers improvised the same game. Little Big Snake is also an ameliorated clone of the same game. It is a multiplayer game in which players work on elongation of their snake by eating various orbs and insects.


The game begins with a screen requesting the player to enter a nickname. As you move past the screen, Samantha, a tiny snake, welcomes you to the jungle and tells you the instructions you need to know to begin with. The gameplay offers various quests that unlock as one levels up completing the minimum requirement of each level. The game offers 60 skins to choose from. One can either buy them or unlock with each quest. The snake grows in size and weight eating various orbs scattered around the jungle and the insects roaming around. The player needs to be cautious of other snakes and mountains as crashing into them causes death and the player will have to start again. Finally, the results screen shows how much weight the snake has gained after eating, the medals and the crowns they may have won, and any bugs that they have consumed. The players can choose between a slithering snake and a flying beetle. The speed of the snake can be boosted by pressing left click on the mouse.

How to play?

The mouse cursor is used to navigate the snake around the map.

Pressing left click on your mouse accelerates or makes the flying beetle soar.


Neodinamika Inc. has developed this game.

Release date:

The game was released in January 2018.


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