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Jelly Escape follows the same path as many modern platformers. It takes away the need for complex moves, and replaces them with certain specific mechanics. In this game in particular, players get to be in control of gravity.

In terms of objective the game is incredibly simple. You are a blob of jelly that must escape from a room full of obstacles. As the jelly you navigate through the room using the powers of gravity. At the press of a button gamers are able to switch from wall to wall.

Additionally, you must also collect the three gold stars present in these levels. When you finish a level without the three stars you won’t get maximum points. The game may seem super simple in the start. However, the difficulty ramps up very quickly. As you move on to the harder levels, you’ll have to make super-fast snap reflex judgements.

How to play Jelly Escape?

Essentially, the jelly will move around of its own accord in a straight direction. The only way you can control movement is through altering the gravity. All you need to change the gravity is using the left-click on your mouse.

Left Click– Change Gravity

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