Escaping the Prison

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Game rating: 3.86 based on 7 votes.

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Escaping the Prison is a unique game to invent suitable strategies for getting out of tough situations. Comic remarks and foolish attempts will amuse you even if you fail to succeed the first time. A cake is gifted to you inside the cell with six hidden objects inside it. Make use of them well to find your way out of the station.


Black and white cartoons and grey background of the prison highlight the objects you can wisely use. The cake contains a file, a NrG drink, a teleporter, a rocket launcher, a cell phone, and a drill to help you run out of the jail. The use of each object will have its consequences and advantages. You need to be quick and beware of the soldiers around once you get out of the jail. As you get out of the prison, you may get stuck with other situations, but luckily you will find materials that would help you to proceed. You will receive two options you fail an attempt; ‘Restart’ and ‘Restart from the Start’.

How to Play

Follow the instructions given with each object and act promptly with the mouse clicks. The NrG drink may cause you some trouble, as you step out of the station. With the first use of these articles, you get a temporary breakthrough. Further help comes with every situation and you can run safely out of the station by making the right choice.

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