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Game rating: 2.75 based on 4 votes.

Home » Fun Games » has become a popular choice for gamers due to its immersive and engaging gameplay. Just like and, this game involves growing and dominating the game universe. You are basically a cute creature in this entertaining game who has to consume to grow big, take down opponents, evolve by collecting active skills which make you more powerful and reach the top level. Grow, eat and dominate in this exciting ecosystem. The rest of the creatures are eyeing the top spot, so hurry and display your gaming expertise by ruling the game world.


Creatur includes a lot of exciting features like action-packed combats with the rest of the creatures in the ecosystem, superpowers which make you strong, new levels, and a number of skills to develop your creature. The game includes lots of active skills and powers you can choose to customize your character. Test a combination of these skills to make your creature more powerful, unique, and ready to dominate the entire ecosystem.

How To Play

With, your primary goal is to grow big and collect powers to make your way up to the top, so you can become the king in the gaming world. To start off, customize your character by choosing the specific skill set from the user menu and start growing as you enter the ecosystem. Stalk your prey, eat other objects and hide underneath the earth to dominate this space. Remember to keep an eye on other creatures lurking around, as they will be ready to pounce on you. If you’re looking for a win, stay vigilant and make your moves carefully, as you hunt your prey, amass, and get more powerful with the combination of superpowers available.


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