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When the going gets tough, there’s no choice except making sure you defend your castle. Regardless, of the number in the horde you must take them all down. You will have to face a diverse number of enemies as well. You need to always be on your guard, complacency can lead to you taking a lot of damage. When your health runs out its going to be the end of your castle.

You’ll also have a lot of tools at your disposal to properly defend your castle. The regular bow and arrow, is upgradable to ridiculous standards. If you want to get all these upgrades, you need to earn the money.

Earning money in the game is very simple, you get a reward for every enemy you eliminate. Furthermore, the rewards will differ depending on the nature of the villain you eliminate. Once you move up through the levels, it’ll get progressively more difficult.

How to play Castle Defense?

The game has a lot of detail but the controls are very straightforward. All you need to play the game is your mouse. Gamers can aim by moving the cursor around to a specific spot. If you want to fire the arrow press left-click.

Mouse– Aim
Left-Click– Fire/Action

• Upgrade your ability to earn money first. When you get massive amounts of money, you can easily get all the other upgrades you need.
• Get some spells to help you out. If you’re facing a massive horde, the easiest way to get out is using a spell.

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