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99 Balls Evo is a brilliant version of the modern bubble shooter games. The game puts you in such a brilliant atmosphere and allows you to have a lot of fun. Gamers can also relax while playing this game. There’s something about the physics of 99 balls that allows you to completely transcend into the game.

As you start the game, you’ll find yourself with only one ball. However, as you progress the number of hits it’ll take to eliminate a ball will increase significantly. The game is fair however, you get an upgrade so you easily remove the balls that have higher numbers.

How to play 99 Balls Evo?

All you need to play the game is your mouse. After you click and drag the ball backwards, you’ll get to see a line that will let you aim. Once you get the aim perfectly correct, gamers can knock down balls at will. There are also several different techniques you can use, it’s not always about hitting the target.

Mouse– Aim

• Make sure you collect all the number upgrades as soon as you can. The more rings you can throw the higher the amount of damage you can deal.
• There’s no need to hit the target with your first attempt. Ricochets can help you hit multiple targets at once. Allowing you get a higher score easily!

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