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Bubblez is a great example of a bubble shooter game done right. It has a super quirky vibe and you’ll immediately feel better when you turn on the game. Once you get into the first stage you’ll notice that the game handles exactly like what you’d expect.

However, there’s an interesting new feature in the game. Each level shows you competing against an opponent. You rarely see this feature in bubble shooter games but it’s a very interesting proposition.

How to play Bubblez?

If you’re familiar with the bubble shooter genre, you’ll understand what you need to do right off the bat. However, the game is fairly easy to understand. You have to shoot bubbles into other bubbles. When you have a collection of three they’ll pop. The objective is super simple and you just need to clear the whole area.

You have to make sure the bubbles are the same color. As you move through the game it’ll become progressively more difficult. All the combinations will become harder and the bubbles will come down faster as well. Make sure you’re on your toes when dealing with the later levels in the game.

Mouse– Aim
Left Click– Fire bubble

Make sure you target the largest group of bubbles. The more bubbles you pop the higher your score.

Additionally, taking down one large group can have a knock down effect. You can easily eliminate multiple groups with the right move.

Walkthrough Video