What’s the reason behind PS4 controller flashing lights?

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PS Controller Blinking LightsThe Ps4 controller, i.e., The DualShock 4 is one of the best gaming controllers on the market. The DualShock line has always been contributing to the innovation of gaming controllers, making the lives of gamers better. The DualShock 4 is very similar to its predecessor the DualShock 3 however it has several new features.

The controller features a built-in two-point capacitive touchpad on the front of the controller, and the back of the controller is a light bar, with three LEDs that illuminate in different colors. These colors can convey many types of information to the player; this article talks about all the various meanings of the blinking colored lights.

White Blinking Light

Let’s start with the basics, when turning on the controller and connecting it to your console, the light bar will illuminate a blinking white light. The blinking light bar indicates that the controller is trying to pair to the Ps4 when the blinking light stops and the color depending on the player number is stable, the DualShock 4 connects to the system. If there is no light after the white blinking light, it means it couldn’t connect for some reason.

User Lights

The light bar can also be used to identify player numbers; blue light is player one, red is for player two, Green is player three and pink is for player four. The different colors help in local multiplayer games, making it easier to find your controller when all four are connected. The color also changes when you are charging your controller.

Charging Lights

If you connect your controller to your ps4 with a USB, even if the console is in rest mode, it will charge the controller. When this happens, the light bar slowly blinks orange, and it will turn off when charging is complete.

These were the basics of the light bar if you have a ps4 regardless of the games you play you’ll probably accouter these lights. The DualShock 4 has also allowed game developers to use the light bar in their games.

Gaming Developers

Sony has also planned the light bar colors to support virtual reality gaming; it states that the light bar helps the ps4 with functions like the location of the player in the room. This is the source of the DualShock 4’s move functionality.

This leads to many functions that these lights can severe, Games like Tomb Raider shows the light bar is a health bar. Upon having a full life bar, the light bar is green, and it turns red as you lose fitness, this one of the countless ways developers are utilizing the light bar. This article will mention some ways developers are using the light bar, to enhance the users gaming experience.

The famous online shooter Destiny uses the light to indicate several things, including the well known red for low health. The color turning yellow means that your super attack is ready; this one is perfect for players that enjoy showing off. All in all, it does improve the gaming experience of the user.

Grand Theft Auto 5 uses the light bar excitingly, not only does the color change based on which character you’re playing, but the light bar flashes red and blue whenever the cops peruse you, this feature might not be useful that much but it sure does look good.

Infamous Second Son uses the light bar as a Karma indicator; an excellent active red means you’re pretty notorious. Also, it matches the color of the graffiti when you hold your DualShock vertically to spray paint.

The most exciting way a game may have utilized the light bar might be Alien Isolation. The controller mirrors the in-game motion tracker, pulsing white and green to indicate danger. Throw in controller speaker noises which add in the scary experience, and this might be the most immersive gaming experience by the controller.