Pokemon Go Update – What is Next in Store?

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Pokemon Go has had gamers hooked onto their phone screens ever since its release by Niantic in 2016. The addictive game has been climbing up popularity charts with each passing year and while it has not experienced the buzz surge witnessed post-release, 2018 has had gaming buffs pining for more pokemon go news update and add-ons. The catchy augmented reality game has caught the fancy of almost every gaming enthusiast and has been giving rivals like Fortnight and PUBG a gritty time owing to its impressive horde of features & exciting gameplay that keeps getting zappier with each new Pokemon Go update.

Niantic makes a sincere effort to step up the playing experience with every new patch or news update. So, what to look forward to in Pokemon Go next? Well, gamers certainly will have their anticipation soaring with the immersive new feature just introduced for the video game called ‘Trainer Battles’. The Let’s Go: Pikachu and Eevee for Nintendo Switch are also all set to jack up the AR experience for gamers who cannot wait to try out these new add-ons.

Today, we bring to you a roundup of the latest updates and news promised by the developers for this year and ahead.

Pokémon Go Now Has a Cool PvP mode – Trainer Battles

You must have already heard about it in Pokémon Go Twitter updates. The title finally has a player-versus-player (PvP) mode, named Trainer Battles. With this fabulous mode, you can enjoy multiplayer action with the rest of the contestants in real-time. You will, however, need to set up a custom Battle Party comprising of at least three Pokémon in order to participate in Trainer Battles. You can use this party to fight opponents and challenge them to a death-defying battle play. This Pokemon Go update lives up to the massive hype and promises we heard on various gaming platforms and in different launch events by Niantic.

The mode also includes an interesting battle code invitation system, which allows you to invite your buddies and nearby gamers in a friendly battle play. This works by scanning the other player’s unique fight code or battle identifier. Once you have reached the ultra-friends level or beyond in your in-game friendship, you have the flexibility to participate in remote battles and even invite others for combat.

This Pokemon Go update allows you to gather Sinnoh stones, a protective shield for defensive play during gritty battles and a new charge attack for your character to gain an edge over ferocious combatants. There is also a slew of fancy evolution items and prizes for top players that you can receive at the end of the game. Furthermore, ‘Trainer Battles’ has introduced a strength enhancement attribute by putting a maximum cap for your fighting Pokemon, so you do not have to switch between your party pokemon due to meager vitality.

It also includes Fast Moves like Counter, Dragon Breath and Rock Throw that are different from the ones in other modes. You can use each in turns for 0.5 sec. It will help step up the efficiency of how your energy and damage work in the game. One of the biggest changes in the new PvP mode as part of Pokemon Go update is the introduction of Charge moves where you can unlock a second charge move for your pokemon to tackle challenging battles. The developers have specifically designed these charge moves to fire at the same time, so you can inflict most damage without shredding too much energy.

Meltan, Gen 4 & Pokemon Go Holidays

Back in September, there was much frenzy about a ‘hex nut’ shaped Pokemon that was doing rounds on Twitter and caught many gamers’ curiosity. It sprang up at a community Pokemon Go event in Japan. Pokemon Twitter account presented us a video about this Pokemon and called it ‘Meltan’. It also gave a brief sneak-peak into a probable crossover event in the future.

The developers have also announced the much exciting Lugia Raids gamers were looking forward to including a teaser peek into the upcoming Gen 4 feature as part of Pokemon Go update. Also, the Ho-Oh Pokemon Go raids event that recently ended is all set to be replaced with a new one soon. The Pokemon Go Holidays 2018 that began last month featured a wide array of bonuses and Gen 4 reveal news for gamers. As part of the bonuses, you can catch and transfer Pokemon using double candy, catch stardust and play with strong incubators. You will need a lot of candies and stardust to unlock the charge moves in ‘Trainer Battles’.

Trade within Pokemon Go App

You can now trade with your pals and other contestants. This new trading system is a noteworthy Pokemon Go update. It entails a comprehensive friends system allowing you to benefit from real-life friends, sharing cool gifts and exchange resources or unwanted items. You also get free Candy that allows you to trade for unique and much-wanted Pokemons. You will also notice new Alolan Pokemon that hints at the game stepping up the ‘latest generation’ playing attributes. As announced by Niantic, the game will include Alolan kinds of some Kanto Pokemon in future like Diglett and Geodude instead of the brand new version of the actual Pokemon.

When Is The Next Pokemon Go Update?

It looks like Niantic has a lot in its plate for future considering the impressive array of bonuses offered during December 18 onward that gamers took advantage of. Aside from the Gen 4 unveil, there is speculation that Gen 4 types will witness a surge in map spawn rates including the addition of the ever-popular avatars like Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf. Other updates include the frequent appearance of Ice-type Pokémon in the wild and more avatars like Swinub, Snorunt, Spheal, Snover, and Jynx. You will also be able to send your buddies special Pokemons like Smoochum, Azurill, and Munchlax as gifts. They will have a stronger ability to hatch from 7km Eggs. These updates will soon be unveiled at the next live event.

When’s the next Pokemon Go event?

Niantic as part of the Pokemon Go update has announced that gamers will have an opportunity to participate in exciting activities and challenging missions during their live events planned across various locations. The earlier events like Safari Zone in Dortmund, Germany and Chicago’s Lincoln Park were a roaring hit amongst fans. Hopefully, developers will announce the date for the next community event soon.

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