The Most Expensive Gaming Laptop In The World

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Most Expensive Gaming LaptopThere’s something inherently special about finding out what is the most expensive “thing” money can buy. Even if you can’t afford it, it’s still a lot of fun to marvel at what ultimate device you can buy with unlimited money.

Gaming laptops are a dime a dozen. Even ones that have moderate performance tend to cost 1000s of dollars. We’ve already given you the most expensive gaming PC and gaming mouse. Prepare yourselves for the most expensive gaming laptop money can buy. The laptop costs a whopping $8,999.

Yup, nearly $9000 is what you need to buy this monstrosity. The laptop is known as the Acer Predator 21 X gaming laptop. It is everything you would want from the most expensive gaming laptop. The computer is massive in size. It’s the first gaming laptop to incorporate a curved display. The size of the screen is a massive 21 inches, and it supports a 2560 x 1080 resolution. If you want to know all the information available on this outstanding machine, keep on reading!

First look

Acer Predator 21 X Gaming LaptopIt’s hard to put this in any other words but, the Predator 21 X is not a very pleasant machine aesthetically. It wouldn’t be going far to say that; the laptop is very ugly. It looks like one of the machines you’d see in a modern war or sci-fi film. The laptop is huge. Its dimensions range from 22.4 x 12.4 x 3.3 inches. Wherever you take this laptop, you’re bound to stand out because of the sheer size of the thing.

The size also means that the laptop isn’t exactly the best size to carry around. It’s massive size also means that taking it somewhere isn’t the simplest of tasks. However, once you set eyes on the machine, you can’t help but appreciate the quality. It may not be the best-looking device, but the black and gray outer body looks very high quality. It also makes the predator logo pop. It looks like the Deceptions endorse the brand. You can also customize the logo to whatever lighting mode you like best.

The Screen

The Acer Predator 21 X is the first gaming laptop to offer a curved display. Once you open up the computer, you will immediately notice the magnificent spectacle. Whenever a screen has a curve, it’s much more immersive. You’ll quickly see how welcoming it is and the significance of the upgrade. The screen doesn’t offer pure 4k resolution. However, the 2560 x 1080 is decent enough. The different aspect ratio of the 21 X also makes certain games look fantastic.

However, there is a slight caveat. Not all games support the 21:9 aspect ratio. Individual titles will not scale properly. The scaling will not bother you, or it will either ruin the experience for you completely. While it may not offer 4k resolution, the display manages to pick up colors correctly. In comparison to gaming laptops in the same price range, the color reproduction is on another level.

Additionally, the screen also incorporates Tobii’s eye-tracking technology. The end-result works brilliantly with the game it supports. As the name suggests, the eye-tracking technology allows you to control several things.

The Hardware

While the laptop may not be the most aesthetic, in terms of sheer hardware, very few can compete. The Predator 21X comes with not one but two Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 GPUs. Every single GPU gives 8GB of VRAM. You easily have enough power to play any modern game at the maximum settings.

Even the most demanding of games will run at a smooth 60 fps. Additionally, the abundance of power means that you can rip through virtual reality games. Even in the most demanding of titles, using the Predator 21 X means that you get the best possible experience.

The laptop also comes with 64GB of Ram and a brilliant i7 core processor. Whatever functions you want to perform, you can do so without any struggle. Furthermore, you also get 2 TB of storage. There’s even room to add an external hard drive if you ever run out of place.

In terms of hardware, it’s clear to see why the laptop costs $8,999. There’s so much equipment you quickly can do every single thing you need. Whether it’s intense gaming or some heavy-duty multitasking, you can count on the Predator 21 X without any doubts.

The Keyboard

The keyboard on the Predator 21 X is an absolute joy to use. Each key offers a very tactile and efficient response. The keys are entirely mechanical and make use of Cherry MX Brown switches. These switches are known for the push back when you press them. The pushback response helps give you an incredibly premium feel while using the laptop.

Furthermore, you can customize the lighting on every single key. You can even map certain keys to follow the same color pattern. The creative possibilities at your disposal are endless. Additionally, aside from choosing just the color, you can also pick from several different lighting effects.

Another brilliant thing about the Acer Predator 21 X is the trackpad. In most cases, people don’t think much of the trackpad on a gaming laptop. Naturally, you’re going to be using a gaming mouse for any hardcore gaming sessions. However, the touchpad is responsive in spite of its small size.

However, where the genius of Acer shines through is the magnetic touchpad. On the bottom side of the touchpad, you will find the Numpad. To access the Numpad, pull out the touchpad and reattach it with the Numpad facing upwards. The entire process is incredibly easy, and within no time, you can switch to using a Numpad instead. It all also feels incredible due to the use of magnets.


The only thing disappointing about the Acer Predator 21 X is the lack of 4K. When you’re paying $8,999 for the best gaming laptop, money can buy the lack of 4k is puzzling. However, the 21-inch curved display and the Tobii eye-tracking technology more than makes up for the lack of 4K.

Additionally, the hardware present in the laptop ensures that you can easily compete with people with full-blown gaming PCs. For the money you pay, you’re getting a monstrous gaming laptop. If budget is no issue, then the Acer Predator 21 X is the gaming laptop to buy.

Honorable Mentions

While the Acer Predator 21 X stands alone at the top of the most expensive gaming laptops, other laptops feature in the spectrum. One such laptop is the MSI GT76 Titan. The machine costs less than the Predator 21 X. However, it offers a 4k resolution display and even with the 4k technology, the laptop can’t compete with the Predator 21 X.

Dell Alienware Area 51M Gaming Laptop

Another laptop that can offer a similar level of performance is the Alienware Area 51 M. The one significant difference is the addition of the Intel i9 core. With the addition of the i9 core, its multitasking abilities greatly exceed those of the Predator 21 X. However, when it comes to pure gaming, very few machines can compete.