High Priced Gaming Mouse Available in Market

Written by Muqadas Wattoo | Published on June 27, 2019

If you’re looking for the highest degree in performance and durability, then there’s no option but to break your bank for the best gaming mouse out there. It’s no coincidence that the best gaming mice out there also tend to be the most expensive.

If you’ve got a big budget and are looking to take your game to the next level, here are some of the best and most expensive gaming mice money can buy.

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8 Top Most Expensive Gaming Mouse

Below we will talk about 8 high-end gaming mouse for gamers:

haixclvyE G817 Expensive Gamer Mouse

The second mouse on our list is also from haixclvyE8. The mouse upon first glance has an incredibly minimal aesthetic. The mouse is predominantly black with red accentuations. The mouse also has a racing style mesh design on the sides that look exceptional.

The mouse uses a USB smart connection which relies on the plug and plays technology. The Plug and Pay technology is essential and means that you can easily take your mouse along anywhere. There’s no need to install any software or anything the mouse will work wherever you plug-in the USB. The mouse uses a single AA battery to run. The mouse features a 2.4 GHz wireless transmission that allows for accurate connectivity for up to 10 meters.

A great feature of the mouse is the lightweight, ergonomic design. The mouse fits the hand quite comfortably, allowing you to play for hours without tiring. The mouse has six buttons, the left mouse button, right mouse button, and scroll in the front. Some buttons control how you move forward and backward. Additionally, there’s a dpi adjustment button in the center of the mouse.

The mouse is available for $578.99 and is the second most expensive mouse on our list. A good substitute for the wired gaming mouse if you’re looking for another option.

5. PXY Gaming Mouse


The PXY wireless gaming mouse may very well have flown under your radar. The company isn’t very well known; however, their wireless gaming mouse costs upwards of $200. The mouse on first glance you’ll notice has an ambidextrous shape. The shape means that both people that are right handed and left handed will adjust to the mouse comfortably.

The mouse is predominantly black with LED hints on the side which are available in either red or blue. Both the LEDs look somewhat appealing and go with the black color and the overall aesthetic of the mouse while not being extraordinary is decent.

Keeping in touch with the minimal aesthetic of the mouse, there’s a no illumination mode that you can switch to and from seamlessly. Additionally, the mouse is much quieter than your average gaming mouse. The keys also went through the 5 million press tests and feel sharp to touch.

Sadly, there’s not enough data available on the mouse to form a definitive opinion on it. Therefore, you should be careful when considering buying this gaming mouse.

6. SSSLG Wired Metallic edition

SSSLG RGB Wired Gaming Mouse

SSSLG is responsible for one of the unique looking gaming mouse available on the market. The aesthetic of the mouse is absolutely one a kind featuring metallic inlays that give the mouse a unique feel.  The shape of the mouse is also fascinating; it requires a much more full grip due to the larger sides.

Furthermore, the mouse has adjustable RGB lighting. The lighting modes feature an ability to control the pulsating of the lights and adjust the color. The customization options allow gamers to create their atmosphere in regards to the game they’re playing.

A one of a kind feature of this particular gaming mouse is the adjustable length. Using the knob in the center of the mouse, you can adjust the length to suit your grip. Being able to adjust the size of your mouse is incredibly nifty. It’s a customization option that companies rarely offer.

Furthermore, the mouse offers an adjustable DPI option that scales up to 10,000. The mouse can quickly meet the DPI needs of the majority of gamers out there. The sensor is also accurate enough to adapt to different surfaces. The combination of these features makes the mouse incredibly versatile.

The mouse also features two scroll options. Apart from the main scroll in the front of the mouse, there’s an additional programmable scroll on the side. You can use this new roller to perform specific in-game actions that could turn into an advantage.

The SSSLG RGB Wired gaming mouse is available for $170.49 and isn’t the mouse expensive gaming mouse on our list. However, the mouse offers a great deal of customization and has an incredibly unique aesthetic. If you’re looking for a mouse that’ll help you stand out, this one may be the choice for you.

7. Chenjinxiang01 Mouse

Chenjinxiang01 Mouse

The Chenjinxang 01 is another gaming mouse that probably flies under the radar. The company is from China and isn’t very well known internationally. The gaming mouse, however, costs quite a lot. It’s available for $153.10 currently, and that’s a considerable amount of money to spend.

The Chenjinxiang 01 immediately stands out due to the 11 buttons on offer. That’s right, the gaming mouse offers 11 buttons that are all programmable, and you can configure. The mouse also allows you to store three onboard memory profiles. They are saving you the headache of making your configuration over and over again.

Furthermore, the mouse also has an incredibly smart sensor. Not only is it adjustable to 16000 DPI, but the mouse also has adaptive technology. Adaptive technology ensures that the mouse can adapt to different surfaces. The tech virtually guarantees that no matter the conditions, the mouse gives you the best performance possible.

Interestingly, you can also make this mouse lighter. The sides of the mouse are removable and inside you’ll find weights. As you remove the loads, you can lighten the mouse a bit and alter its center of gravity to your liking.

The mouse does have some unique features and is an attractive option. However, the company isn’t very well known, which means exercise caution when buying this mouse.

8. Queen Boutiques Wireless

Queen Boutiques Wireless

The final mouse on the list is the Queen Boutiques Wireless. The mouse on first glance is very brilliant. It features an incredible custom graphic on the body. If you want an intimidating looking gaming mouse, then the Queen Boutiques wireless gaming mouse is perfect for you.

Queen Boutiques incorporates an ambidextrous design in shape. Moreover, there are five additional buttons to go with the three primary mouse buttons.

The mouse incorporates very superior optical tracking technology that ensures the smoothest possible movement. Furthermore, the mouse is wireless, which provides that there’s no pull or drag from the cable. Due to there being no cable, the mouse gives you much greater control.

Additionally, to allow for much more precise movement, the mouse makes use of a USB receiver. Furthermore, the use of a USB receiver means that you can easily plug your mouse in anywhere.

The Queen Boutiques Wireless is available for nearly $115. If you need a mouse that looks incredibly unique and intimidating the Queen Boutique is perfect for you.

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