The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – Best Mods for PC

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Before Oblivion was released in 2006 very few people were aware of the Elder Scrolls franchise. Oblivion holds the honor of bringing the Elder Scrolls franchise into the limelight. Oblivion provides an epic fantasy world filled with interesting characters and gives you some freedom in how you want to play it.

Although oblivion is an awesome game it has its fair share of flaws. However, developers have put a lot of efforts in developing modifications of Oblivion that make it the game they wanted it to be.

These mods fix a lot of irritating flaws of the game while retaining its essence. These mods, unlike many, do not cause FPS problems or crash the game. The best part about these mods is that they are easy so you don’t need to be an expert to run these mods.

We have made a list of Oblivion mods for our fellow gamers so that they can enjoy the epic fantasy game with better design and richness. But before going towards the best Oblivion mods let us first see what essential software you require for a seamless run of these mods.

List of Softwares Required

Download Oblivion

If you want to run Oblivion mods, obviously, the first thing you’ll need is the original game. Make sure you download the GOTY Deluxe version (DRM-free).

Start the game; it will prompt the Oblivion Launcher with a “first run” message and settings according to your hardware. If the “first run” message doesn’t appear that means you already Oblivion installed on your device. In such a scenario, make a backup copy of Oblivion.ini and delete it. Normally it will be located at \Users\<your-username\My Documents\My Games\Oblivion. Restart the Oblivion Launcher and it will surely prompt the “first run” message.

In the Launcher menu, select the Ultra High option for modern PCs and adjust the resolution. Check in the lower-left corner of the main menu to make sure that you’re running the latest version of the game. If that is not the case, download the latest patch after exiting the game and run that.

Once the latest version has been installed, run the game. In the options menu, got to the Gameplay section and disable all auto-save options. Moreover, in the Video section, max everything under the Brightness option (except Anti-Aliasing).

Once all is done, press “New” to run new game and watch the movie (if not, press ESC). Go to the character creation menu to make sure everything is in order. After that, exit the game without creating any character.

Note: Many people have complained about crashes and/or save-file corruption while saving the game in Oblivion. In order to avoid that, make sure you never overwrite a saved file and always create a new save file. The game will prompt you if you want to overwrite to which you will always say “No”. Moreover, never load a saved file while playing the game as it might corrupt the saved file. Make sure you always exit to the main menu before loading a saved game in order to avoid any file corruption.


The 7-Zip program is quite useful as most Oblivion mods have “.7z” extensions. Moreover, this program also supports .rar and .zip extension archives. So, if you don’t already have a .rar un-archive program, make sure you associate .rar extensions with the 7-Zip program.

Oblivion Nexus Mod Manager

With hundreds of Oblivion mods available online it can be extremely tempting to download all of them. And if you are a committed modder and a true fan of oblivion then you would, no doubt, like to use all the modes mentioned here. If so, it might come in handy to download this oblivion mod manager so that you can easily install all the Oblivion mods. However, having a mod manager is not compulsory as Oblivion mods can be easily installed. All you need to do is follow the instructions mentioned in the files.


Some of the mods mentioned in the article will need OBSE to run. However, if you skip those mods you don’t necessarily need this. But, having OBSE wouldn’t hurt as it only runs when you use its loader executable instead of the original executable to run the game.

Note: Get the latest loader from the same link as OBSE.

Move all the files from the main archive (except src directory) into the oblivion game folder. It will ensure that both “obse_loader.exe” and “oblivion.exe” are in the same directory. Moreover, the Data Directory from the OBSE archive will put certain files under the Data Directory in the game folder. Now, unpack the latest loader archive and overwrite obse_loader.exe with the one present in the loader archive.

Now if you run the obse_loader.exe, it will start the game without going through the original game launcher. For your convenience, make a shortcut of obse_loader.exe on your desktop and it to start the game.

List of Best Mods for Oblivion

Once you are done with installing the prerequisite software, you are all set to get to the interesting part – the mods. No doubt, the Elder Scrolls franchise becomes much more interesting with mods and oblivion is no exception. The mods mentioned below are categorized according to the function they perform. Some mods will fix some bugs and glitches present in the original game, some will make the graphics or sounds better, and some will add new characters and/or new quest lines. But all the mods mentioned here are such that they maintain the essence of the original game and follow the same game rules.

Following are the best oblivion mods available that make it such a treat even after so many years:

Optimizers and Bug Removing Mods

The following mods will remove all the bugs and glitches present in the original game and prevent game crashes and other problems:

The Unofficial Oblivion Patch

The unofficial oblivion patch is undisputedly the best oblivion patch that should definitely try. This patch fixes more than 1,800 glitches and bugs present even after Bethesda (original developer of Oblivion) finished patching. It lets you experience the game without any unwanted flaws. Moreover, if you’re planning on visiting the Shivering Isles you better try out other patches for the DLC and expansions. The links are as follows:

Shivering Isles Patch 1.5.9

Official Mods Patch v24

After downloading the patches from the link drag each archive and drop it to the Wrye Bash window while the Installers tab is selected. It will prompt you to move it there. First, you will move the unofficial oblivion patch, then the Shivering Isles Patch and lastly the Official mods patch. Then you will have to right click the installer tab entries and click install.

Engine Bug Fixes

Oblivion is an old game with an outdated game engine. This mod fixes a lot of bugs in the original game and makes the game engine more stable. If you want a complete experience of Oblivion without being irritated by bugs and glitches you must install this mod along with the one mentioned above.

Stutter Remover

Although the name indicates that this mod is used to remove the stutter from Oblivion, it is useful for much more. This mode offers a feature of memory management which is helpful if you face periodic crashes. Normally, your Oblivion game will crash after using 1.8G of RAM. Although it is less likely the problem is also present in the vanilla version.

If your game crashes after a certain period of time especially while you are trying to change area or cell inside the game, having this mod will help a great deal.

Note: This mod requires OBSE to be installed.

Here’s what you need to do after installing this mod:

  • Go to the Data/OBSE/Plugins directory.
  • Use an editor to open the sr_Oblivion_Stutter_Remover.ini file present in the directory.
  • From the editor, adjust bManageFPS to 0 and bReplaceHeap to 1.
  • Set iHeapSize = 768 in the Heap section I (If the game crashes while loading/starting, decrease it to a lower value).

ENB Boost

Having lots of mods for your game might cause some problems among which memory leak is the most common. The more you play the game the more memory is used. As soon as this consumption of memory hits the 2GB mark (for 32bit) the game crashes. And if you are using a lot of mods, this process occurs sooner.

ENB Boost can be installed to counter this problem. It basically alters the way memory from the PC and video card is being used by Oblivion for textures. Thus, even with lots of mods, the game remains stable.

There are two versions of this mod among which the wrapper version should be preferred. However, if you find the game crashing at launch with this version; use the injector version.

In order to any version of the ENB Boost, copy the files from the mod directory and paste them to the game directory. Furthermore, download the optimized setting files. After this, locate the enblocal.ini file (according to the brand of your video-card and windows 32/64 bit) in its directory and paste it where oblivion.exe is located. Finally, follow the steps mentioned on the mod page to edit the file as per requirements.


Even though Oblivion was an interesting epic fantasy world game in its time it lacked in creativity. With the addition of following mods, you will not only get the essence of the original game but will also enjoy additional moves, characters, quest-lines, etc. making the game more interesting and fun:

Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul

In the original game, the challenge doesn’t increase for the player because the in-game environment levels up at the same pace the player does. However, with this mod, the developers try to increase the challenge by having different difficulty levels for different areas inside the game. They go further by making the in-game wilderness more unpredictable and dangerous.

Moreover, in this mod casting magic becomes easier. The game also uses several smaller mods that add AI modifications, new weaponry, potions, and other items. These AI make the animals in the game react in a realistic fashion. It is safer near the main roads and cities while the farther you go from these roads the more likely you are to encounter a boss. These boss characters are scattered throughout the in-game environment to make the game more challenging and to provide good loot.

Francesco’s Leveled Creatures and Items

Although similar to Osucro’s overhaul “Francesco’s leveled creatures and items” adds its fair share of excitement to the original Oblivion.  It too makes the game more interesting by altering the leveling system of the game. Especially at the lower levels of the game, players will have a less challenging experience.

The best part is that the players have the option to turn off most of the features this mod provides. Thus, it lets you choose which features you’d like to use from the mod.

Deadly Reflex

The deadly reflex mod makes combat more intricate and interesting. The mod offers new maneuvers and tactics at your disposal. Off course, you will not be only one gifted with these new and improved attacks. Your enemies will enjoy similar combat abilities. Therefore, this mod makes fighting in Oblivion more complex and strategic. After installing this mod, you will witness sheath attacks, neck snapping, and throat slitting. Moreover, the death animations also become more grotesque.

Midas’ Magic Spells of Aurum

As the name suggests, this mod offers a lot of different spells that you can use against your enemies. Some of these spells allow you to do the following:

  • Ride a magic carpet
  • Turn your enemies to gold
  • Summon a Balrog

The mod also offers transformation powers and new mounts. Although this mod retains the essence of the original game to a certain extent it makes you almost invincible in the face of your enemies.

“A” takes All

It is a fun mod to have as it allows the player to loot all the items in a container with ease. It provides the “A” key the function of loot. So, if you want to loot any container all you will need to do is press the “A” key.

Note: This mod requires Oblivion script extender (OBSE).

Martigen’s Monster Mod

One of the best gameplay altering mods is the martigen’s monster mod. If you feel like the freshness of the game is being compromised due to a lot of similar creatures then download this mod.

With this mod, every creature in the game will be unique. This mod randomizes the characteristics, be it combat stats, fighting style, or confidence, of all the NPCs and creatures in the game. Furthermore, this mod comes with the addition of several new creatures and monsters. So, if you feel like you’re starting to get bored with Oblivion, download it as it will not fail to anew the excitement.


It has been a long time since the release of Oblivion, meaning that most of the graphics used in the game are outdated. For example, the characters of the game are quite ugly and have poor graphics. The following mods will make the game visually more stunning; improve texture and the overall environment of the game:

Darnified UI

This mod is designed to change the original game’s UI making it more compact while keeping the original color scheme. It makes the maps lager while making the fonts smaller. Moreover, it also elongates the inventory list. Having this mod will improve the overall all gaming experience with these little modifications, and more.

Character Overhaul (Version 2)

No matter how big of a fan you are of Oblivion, you will have to agree that the game lacks in good graphics. Although you might defend the game by saying it has some great art but you’ll have to agree that the graphics have not aged well. The most obvious example of it is depicted on the faces of the characters. However, this mod is sure to improve the faces of the characters making them the best version of themselves.

Unique Landscapes

“Unique landscapes” is a collection of mods. These mods are developed by different people. These mods aim to modify each and every location in Cyrodiil. Each mode is crafted by a different developer and shows the individuality of the developer. Therefore, no single location is remotely identical.

If you want to see the best of Cyrodiil then combine unique landscapes mods with the following:

Natural Environments

Natural Environments fixes some environmental problems in the original Oblivion. Moreover, it adds new seasonal weather types and 40 new weather conditions.

Qarls Texture Pack III

This mod makes every texture in Oblivion look cleaner and totally transforming Cyrodiil. This mod is quite heavy and might even affect the performance but the graphics upgrade is definitely worth it.

Note: This mod does not affect the texture of weapons, armor, clothes, creatures, and NPCs.

Texture Packs

Following are some base texture packs that improve almost all texture from the original game:

Bomret’s Detailed Normal Maps (Vanilla Version 1.1)

Bomret’s Texture Pack (Shivering Isles)

QTP3 Redimized 1.3 Patched / QTP3 UOP350 (if you already have Unofficial Oblivion Patch installed)

Oblivion Realm (Texture)

If you have already installed QTP3 then you will have most of the textures of the game improved. However, it does not affect the texture of the Oblivion realm, therefore, Oblivion Realm is a must have for a better experience in the oblivion realm.

However, if you something even better then HiRes Oblivion Textures is your way to go. But, the problem with HiRes Oblivion Textures pack is that it is unfinished and does not improve all the textures in the Oblivion realm.

So, the best thing to do would be to download both texture packs. In this way, you will have some of the better textures from HiRes Oblivion Textures pack, while the Oblivion Realm pack will provide the unfinished textures.


A good surrounding sound makes the game more immersive by adding life to the surroundings. The original Oblivion game had some problems with the sound such as its quality. However, with the following mods you will experience the game with better sounds:

Sounds of Cyrodiil 1.1

The sound is an important aspect of the game that lets you fully experience the game world. This mod, as suggested by the name, improves the sounds in the original Oblivion. Following are some of the things you’ll notice after installing this mod:

  • Real-time marketplace sounds in the Imperial City Market
  • Music in inns
  • Sounds in dungeons and caves

Apart from the sound, this mod adds a lot to bring the gaming experience to another level.

Note: Make sure you install the “full version”.

Stereo Sound Overhaul 0.9

Oblivion might be outdated, but with the mods improving the outdated aspects of the game, it remains relevant even today. An example of such mods is the stereo sound overhaul which replaces all the sounds from the original game with better quality sounds.