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Simple casual games are starting to take the world by storm. The fact that they are easy to play and simple to understand, make them super endearing. Taptap is the perfect example of a casual basketball game done right.

You start off with zero and the objective is to get the most buckets possible. However, as soon as you miss your shot, the score will go down to zero. Additionally, the quality of your bucket also has a role to play. The cleanest bucket gets double points, and if you get shots down in a row, the ball will catch fire.

How to play Taptap Shots?

There are no complex shooting mechanisms that you have to worry about. Everything is super simple and you control the ball using a simple tap. To keep the ball in flight you need to make sure you keep tapping.

These simplistic controls allow you to completely engross yourself in the brilliant physics of the game. It’s super popular due to the fact that the flight of the basketball mirros what you would expect naturally.

Left-Click– Tap

Make sure you get the physics of the basketball down first. Once you understand the movement, you’ll get plenty of buckets.

The game isn’t easy to play. Make sure you don’t lose patience with the game. It’s all about getting your rhythm down properly.

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