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About our Stickman Games – ultimate enjoyment for you!

Go on dangerous missions with starkly drawn heroes in our selection of stickman games! Made to survive even the most difficult fall – your stickman can withstand many harsh conditions. Send your character flying over the cliffs on a dirt bike, or fix it with rifles for intense shooting. Do you kick the bucket in the fight? Don’t worry as you can get up again in a flash. The fun never stops! Ride a mountain bike, fish and compete with your hand-drawn friend!

We have stickman games in many different genres. You can ride a motorcycle on difficult terrain. Avoid peak holes and lava fields, and drive your vehicle perfectly to reach the finish line. For an action-packed challenge, explore our different titles! And remember, a fight can break out anywhere, even in commercial offices and tennis courts!

Wanna know about the Stickman Games?

Stickman games are very similar to games based on normal characters, except that the player and the enemies are stick figures. Since the only difference here is the style, these games cover practically every genre. Some games guide you through a story, but what if you could create yours? So in our Stickman Games, no two games are the same!

Prepare to bounce, run, shoot, battle and investigate your way through our stunning rundown of stickman games! Each one brings all the action you can expect from similar games, but with weird, sometimes deadly stick figures to control. Do not be fooled. They may be stick figures, but they will give you a lot of suspense, action and laughter that will surely make any player happy!

Experience the sticky sketchy fun

Dive so deep into the shadows that you will become one to shoot and fight in our stickman games. Enter the stick figure of a gangster, a ninja, a hitman. On the other hand join a multitude of the stickman to safeguard your base or take part in out-fighting, present-day, on the ground or noticeable all around. However, it’s not just about killing: stickman also has a lighter side.

Sometimes, though, you just want to cause a little trouble for fun: did someone say sabotage? If you raise your hand, you’ll love black humour in stickman games. Whether you love stickman killing games, sporting events, or simply giving a stickman a hard day to giggle, when you’re looking to mingle in the shadows with edgy graphic animations and a hint of ironic humour, these stickman games will offer everything to you.

Looking for a real challenge?

Do you have the lighting reflections to keep your stick man alive? Perhaps comedy and action are two types of games that you are particularly interested in. If that’s the case, there are plenty of games for you! After finding yourself captured by any title, it’s up to you to win or lose. Use quick thinking and all the strange tools and decisions available to outwit, beat your guards and get out alive. But be careful what you choose as a mistake means a big, big failure. Your job is to make the right decisions to get out alive, although this one is much more challenging with fewer ways to win, so be smart! No matter what crazy antics you fancy getting into, you won’t find a shortage of these with our stickman games!

Relish multiple genres in our Stickman Games category

By far the best thing about this category of free stickman games is the wide variety of genres it contains. If you’re the type of gamer who craves five different types of games every time they sit down to play, this is the perfect category for you. You can turn your stick character into a ruthless commando, killing enemy after enemy until no one is left to challenge you.

You can wield epic weapons and fight a single very powerful opponent. Or, if fighting isn’t your thing right now, you can hop on a super-charged bike and hit the hills! See what we mean about the infinite possibilities? As opposed to concentrating on a tasteful character with huge amounts of garish rigging, playing stickman games lets you centre around the game. And trust us, there is a lot of that in this category.

Awesome way to spend time!

Of all the classic character designs and animation styles from the beginning of game history until now, who would have thought that stickman games would stand out so much? There is something very fun, cool and endearing about playing as a stick figure. Nothing fancy: just two arms, two legs and forward. Most of them don’t even have faces!

You can get into unending insane and fun circumstances with these characters, and this classification of online stickman games has caught the best of them for your happiness. We have made sure to load this category with lots of humour, fighting, cool stories and more. Do you think we are crazy about dedicating a whole category to stick figure characters? Play on it for just five minutes, then come back again!

Make a last stand

Who doesn’t like an hour or two of throbbing action? In stickman games, your characters didn’t go out looking for trouble, they found it. These fearless stickmen are being pursued by several adversaries. All you have is your wits and some leftover supplies. Your back is against the wall, so you only have one thing left to do: knock down all your enemies!

We have many defence style stickman games for you to enjoy. Build your defences, load your weapons and don’t think too much. Just shoot, reload, and repeat until all those baddies have bitten the dust! This genre is not for the faint of heart, by the way. There will be a lot of blood, but don’t let that distract you. If you get caught napping, you will surely eat a bullet!

Online and totally free!

Are you ready for our large collection of action-packed Stickman games? We have a fantastic variety of games featuring stick figures. The character design is fantastic in these games to focus more on the action and to develop a fluid game. The simple lines and dots that make up these stick figure characters include all sorts of impressive graphic features, like complex moves, dramatic close-ups, and amazing reruns of your best moves. We have gathered the absolute most renowned Stickman titles on the web, so peruse our assortment and discover what makes these compelling games so well known with our players.