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Even if you’ve never played Mahjong before, chances are you’ve heard the familiar chip movement early in the game from behind many Vancouver doors. This mix is ​​known as twittering of sparrows, that’s why they got the name of Mahjong.

About our Mahjong games

If you love games where you can beat with skill, strategy and a certain degree of luck, then this is the perfect game for you! You should try our collection of Mahjong games. We host a highly organized and up-to-date party of these games for you. Our extensive collection of free online mahjong games includes addicting titles that will make you play mahjong 24/7!

Unlike other games of chance, a person cannot win Mahjong just because he is lucky. So, come and clean the ground with your strategy, speed and contemplation. This awards Mahjong a better and more intellectual status from other games.

A Game from Rich Chinese Culture

A great deal of bunkum has written about the origin of Mahjong. This traditional game was instigated during the Qing dynasty in China and travelled a thrilling roller coaster until the modern-age Mahjong.

An interesting myth is that mahjong was invented by a great philosopher of China– Confucius. This theory into its deep roots explains a fairytale that during the rule of King of Wu, a beautiful woman in his court after hitting with the boredom, started carving domino shaped figures from ivory and bamboo and then invited her maids to play the game.

Later Confucius settled this game with more shapes and new rules. Historians claim about this belief as the three dragon tiles in-game coincide with Confucius’ idea about three vital virtues: filial piety, humaneness, and sincerity. Considering this theory to be true, Mahjong might be the oldest game in Asia. That means you’re going to play the continent’s oldest game.

In the early 1920s, Mahjong spread beyond China’s borders which led to variants on the traditional Chinese rules, overtaking chess as the most popular game among Chinese citizens.

Captivating Mahjong Cards

Mahjong tiles appeal to the collectors because of incredible artistry with surprising stories behind. Generally, the tiles were made of ivory, bone and bamboo, yet now the tiles are to a great extent made of wood, plastic and fired because of overall exchange embargoes. 136 of the total tile set includes 36 characters, 36 circles, 36 bamboos, 16 wind tiles and 12 dragon tiles. Honour tiles including four flower tiles and four-season tiles for a total of 144 tiles are also the part of some complex Mahjong games.

Learn to play Mahjong

This classic game is designed to test your concentration skills as you work to clear all tiles from the board as quickly as possible. Interestingly, the game is effectively the same as the Rummy card game. Although it always seems to be a very complicated game initially, Mahjong has a remarkably simple start when it comes down to the basics. However, the accompanying rituals and complex punctuation dramatically change this game.

In the game’s traditional rubrics, four wind tokens are placed face down and players draw to haggle the direction of their seats, and 14 tokens are distributed in each. To obtain a Mahjong, a player must organize his chips into four sets and a pair. A set can either be a pung- set of three identical tiles, or a chow- three tiles with the same suit sequence. The trick is to remember the characters! Remaining tiles are formed into a wall of 17 miles long and 2 high in front of each player, after dealing with sets of 14. Players play to a predetermined number of points or 16 rounds or until players agree that they are done.

Why play our Mahjong Games?

Focus is important to turn into a genuine mahjong master! Our free online mahjong games are strategic combinations that will make you an expert in this traditional game. Become an expert in time management. Start with our classic tile-based games that make you brain tease and beat your opponents or beat your highest score. Investigate our choice of Mahjong games for greater fervour and increment your abilities as the best Mahjong ace.

Are you a skilled puzzle-solver? Do you love racing against the clock? If so, you’ll love our free online mahjong game! Just remove all mahjong tiles from the board before time runs out. It’s a test of skill and endurance, the quicker you go, the more you score! What are you waiting for? Go and explore this valley of Mahjong games.

Mahjong Today

Mahjong is more popular than ever today, spanning the globe. Although it lingers to have a superior level of acknowledgement and admiration in Asia, it is continuing to grow as part of American game playing year after year.

Its continued popularity in popular culture is because of numerous references made to it in anime and manga, as well as its increasing success as a computer game. With the advent of computerized Mahjong games, the game has successfully moved into the 21st century.