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Historical Paragraph in honour of the Escape Games

A few decades ago, the world learned about point and click games. In 1983, the Planet Mephius game was structured by Eiji Yokoyama. The goal of the game was to collaborate with various items utilizing the cursor. This game is considered the prototype of modern escape video games.

In 1988 behind closed doors, a text-based game was released. Only this version is mentioned as the first escape game. After this, Mystery of Time and Space was released in 2001 and helped popularize escape games. The main objective for the player was to escape from a room using available objects and clues. Since 2004, new escape games have been released every year that are very popular, making players dive into the adventure to solve the puzzles.

About our Escape Games

Our escape games category serves adventure-based games where a player must solve a wide range of situations. Search your environment for clues, tips, and items that can help you get out of wherever you are. Escape games usually consist of individual rooms such as an office, a dungeon, or a prison cell. However, some span a multitude of rooms and their goal would be to get off a stage.

Also, players can have a set time limit or they can have all the time in the world. Some games have backstories and others don’t make any sense. Overall, it’s a crazy adventure that requires ingenuity and strategy. There is a whole library of escape games waiting for you to discover them. Let’s start exploring!

Is danger wandering around you?

Are you afraid for your life? So you must escape and save yourself! There is a kind of web game that has conquered the digital world and is here to stay: escape games! They are so popular that real-life versions have to appear in recent years. This type of game tests your logic, intelligence and ability in a variety of situations. Usually, you must solve a variety of challenging situations to escape or advance to the next level. Escape games are a lot of fun to play, and you earn a great sense of reward when you finally break the level.

Challenge yourself, be strong – go through the danger!

Welcome to our escape category! These games are sometimes complicated, sometimes frustrating, and quite obvious in terms of what you should be looking for. Escape games generally have a typical starting point, it could be a place where it seems impossible to go out, but after a while, you would figure out the possible way. Face your fears and don’t let them beat you!

Have you ever imagined being locked up somewhere and challenged to go out using nothing but your brainpower? Escape game is a type of point and clicks adventure game that requires a player to escape from anywhere using objects in that environment. Here, we serve all kinds of escape games for all kinds of people! We have a massive selection of the best free online escape games and we do our best to offer the best for the escape game audience.

Let’s go through in detail of the Escape Games

Escape games require skills and logic to solve puzzles. The goal is generally simple: escape from a variety of situations or levels using a wide set of skills. Running away from complex situations in a limited time requires high levels of attention. Would you like to sharpen your intuition? We have many amazing exercises for you: choose an escape game and try to solve all the problems to find a way out of the tangled situations.

This quick-paced game is extremely testing as well as fun. Instead of easy approaches, you should guide your character through different levels and avoid various obstacles on your way. Jump on spikes, avoid laser beams and use invisible platforms to reach the exit door. These titles are amazing, and you can choose from more in our selection of hand-selected escape games!

Escape Games: when you gotta get out

You may not be able to get out of wherever you are in real life, but if you have a PC, tablet or smartphone, you can escape a bit in these escape games. You will need to have all your wits about you to get out of these blocked locations.

Utilize your ability and sly to get away from different enjoyment circumstances! In these escape games, you have to escape from various buildings, situations, islands and dungeons. Every one of them will test your creativity and ability! You must have observant eyes to find solutions!

Nerves out? A sheen of sweat on your head? Let’s face it!

When you can’t handle the situation, challenge yourself and face the dangers, as this is where your growth begins to jump to the next level. Also, not everything is sun and roses, since you have to use your wits to understand how objects will be useful to escape the trap.

As you push more and more, you are amazed at how big this category is. Once you are awake to find yourself in a troublesome situation, know that if you look hard enough, you will find a way out. Look for clues looking at everything around you to escape. Once you do, it will be the best feeling knowing that you are free.

Every Millimeter Counts!

Every time you stop on our platform, you can add it to our escape games! You don’t have time to move around and remodel everything, so that’s the price you pay when you eventually make a mistake. The goal is to do it as long as possible before time runs out. However, there are plenty of power-ups, perks, and bonuses in these escape games that will help you increase your high score. Do you think you have defended the level? Hey you, if you, ready?