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Wanna know about our collection of Bike Games?

Our assortment serves the ideal combination of action, speed and strategy. You will need bike control and precise decision-making skills to be successful. When you do, you will earn tons of points and hundreds of new levels. Fans of bike action games will feel right at home, with obstacles like tires, shifting wooden planks, and cliffs. If you can get enough speed, do tricks like cartwheels back and forth to earn even more points. With each level come new challenges, stunts and tricks.

All of our bike levels have easy to learn controls. Choose from a variety of different engines, colours, and more. Plus, in some bike games, you can customize your rider’s gear, giving you the best look as you ride. Perform stunts on junkyards, cars, cans, and even ships!

Experience the ultimate adventure with us!

Do you want to have two-wheel challenges at high speed without the danger of falling on the handlebar? Then look no further than our huge library of amazing bike games. From traditional racing to crazy and awkward obstacle courses, we’ve got you covered.

Show off your skills while negotiating obstacles, performing crazy stunts, or turning off the highway on a powerful bike while avoiding life-threatening traffic. Whatever you like, these bicycle games catch the rush of driving and risking your life in the quest for your objective!

Enjoy the fun on two-wheels for free!

Looking for some wheel action? If you’re travelling in two, there’s a game about it in our dozens of bike games that are free! You will not only find simple bike action games, but also lots of bike racing games.

Do you have a greater need for speed? So, refuel and get on a bike. You can also work on your mastery of the manoeuver in games to avoid obstacles and fight the thugs and zombies that want your ride. So stay tuned as there are plenty of plays not just for boys, but there are also bike games aimed at girls. Can we tempt you for a walk?

Get ready to race!

Jump on a bike and fly along the edges of the bluffs, through snow-shrouded valleys and the rankles of the desert. Each track will challenge your dashing abilities in this bike game. You can also earn tons of points for every second of airtime you achieve. Send your bike uphill after moving away from the top of the slopes, but be careful. Landing is not that easy, especially if you are going very fast!

But why do you do it? Do you love the rush or do you do it to the applause of the amazed crowds? We all have a different motivation to compete, but it is up to you to become a champion. These games are great fun if you just want to kick back and do a few tricks, but for those obsessed with victory, we challenge you to accelerate your path in this category. Good luck rider, see you on the track!

Don’t dare to give-up until you win

Our free bike games are tied in with having a great time, yet in case you’re one of the individuals who pay attention to games more, continue beating your scores until you win! Take advantage of each tour as an opportunity to memorize the course. Every time you delete, mentally write down how to avoid that mistake next time. Some of these games are hard to beat, and some are more about fancy tricks. Whatever your style, let’s see if you can beat all the games in the category! We hope you don’t mind a bit of dirt under your nails because it will take a while.

A mixture of speed and style

Are you multi-talented when you are on two wheels? So who says you have to choose between speed and style? That’s right, truth is stranger than fiction, we’ve ensured this classification is loaded up with online bike games that support both. A game where you combine tricks and speed to earn points.

Walk the course of the city centre, jump jumps, shred the rails, take chips and earn points – there are many things here! You have to balance speed with style. Too fast and you will miss the opportunity to show your amazing tricks. Too slow and you won’t have enough time to beat the level. So what will it be? Speed, style, or a little of both?

Showcase your speed and thrill!

From the streets of every neighbourhood to a professional course, bike racing is one of the most popular activities for high-adrenaline athletes of all ages. You can clash with wild rivals in our free bicycle games classification, or you can race with time as the opponent.

Nevertheless, you get excited but remember: a champion runner never slows down. When the champions are annihilated, they rise again! Keep your speed at full throttle throughout the ride, and any obstacles that arise, react quickly. If you want to demonstrate your mastery as a speed demon, you can make jumps look easy with cool tricks. Speaking of which, we’ve also filled this category with plenty of opportunities to show off your unique style.

Succeed with style

Winning a ruthless race by the margin of a hair is one way to get your joys, but if you’re a smuggler about style, we have a lot to do in this category. Get in the seat and hit the course. Enjoy the amazing level design, a brilliant and cool bike and lots of crazy trick opportunities! You will have many opportunities to jump from jumps in our bicycle games. Calculate your speed perfectly, flip through the air and stun the crowd. Whereas, don’t forget about landing! If you crash, your bike could explode into a fireball! That’s the cost of being a gravity-defying stunt cyclist, buddy. Just be sure to keep your eyes on the road and beat distractions.

Is it hard for you to sit still?

Do you dream of breaking the earth at a high-speed machine and fly in crazy jumps? At that point, you have the blood of a racer, and it’s a great opportunity to attempt our online bicycle games classification! We’ve captured everything amazing so you can ride however you want. Jump off the dunes on a dirt bike. Show your tricks on the city streets. Besides, you love to ride, we have the games that will satisfy that itch. So don’t settle for sitting still, hop in the seat and forget about the brakes – it’s time to do it all!