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An important aspect of war and fighting is the armour that protects heroes from damage and helps them to overcome battles. Armour can also mean heavily armoured vehicles such as tanks and warships. Basically, anything that provides protection.

We have a wide variety of armour games ranging from simple point-and-click action games to inactive clickers, strategy games, and fantastic tower defense titles. Each armour game allows you to fight and generally upgrade characters or vehicles with different components and equipment. Come fight the toughest opponents!

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The games found here will keep you entertained for hours. This game genre has great playability – most armour titles have multiple levels and worlds to explore. Plus, there’s generally a mind-boggling array of characters, gear, and weapons to unlock.

Try our range of armour games today and discover what amazing characters you can create! Plus, you can play these games on your smallest device, from phones and tablets to bigger ones, your PCs and laptops. Connect to a fast internet connection to get the most out of free online armour games!

No worries as you are protected with the Armour

Climb the ladder of success by winning the levels. Upgrade your heroes, put them on the field and watch them fight to the death! Take your arsenal as a daily deal. Therefore, fight against waves of enemies and raise your flag!

So why would you choose to host a heavy metal concert? Well, chances are, in our armour games category you will end up in a battle and not want to hurt yourself or die. Protect yourself from sharp objects to enter your body. Our platform has always been hailed as one of the best armour game providers on the web. We are proud to serve you, to help you play an important role on the battlefields!


First of all, you must be prepared for anything. From the moment you enter the fight leading from your door, you can be challenged by monsters, dark knights, and even evil spirits! Our selection of online armour games is vast, and there are many levels ahead waiting to be conquered.

So put that weapon on your back, bring as many supplies as you need to stay alive and keep your eyes on the path ahead as well as behind. Anything that jumps out of the brush represents an opportunity for you to earn experience points. Use your strength, kill it, and the reward will be abundant. Of course, sacrifice is not the only way to gain experience, although it can be the most fun method.

Resolutions and Discoveries

One of our favorite things about armoured games in this free online category is that they go far beyond combat, testing your wits and wisdom. Choose wisely and your experience will increase. Choose wrong, and you may have to fight some more bad guys. What is more, you should always be careful with the world around you when you travel through the great wildlands, because you never know when you can find scrolls, artefacts, runes or other useful items that can help you in your search.

Take It!

Most clicker heroes in armour games earn their gear by gaining experience and leveling up. However, there are a few scenarios where the spoils of your death could produce something brilliant and useful. After all, as you explore harsher, more unforgiving land throughout your quest, you will encounter ever-stronger enemies. It also motivates you to fight people above your level so you can get stronger armour with cool upgrades and powers. So why not just destroy it in the process?

It’s so much more than you can imagine!

Helping a warrior reach his actual potential is an honorable journey, it’s the best way to mess around with our propelled games. We have a complete category of games packed with a wide range of titles!

If you lose your life on the open road, face whatever comes your way and learn about the vast world before you. Then, head over to our adventure games and take a look. We look forward to your presence in these armour games!

Start a War!

Indeed, even the most unbelievable warriors needed to begin their epic missions without any preparation, which is something this class of reinforcement games consummately catches. It’s a remorseless and unjustifiable world we live in, after all, where wealthy heirs and sons of kings bathe in shining silver armour, but true heroes like you are born in rags. Therefore, it’s time to take action!

But the best part of fate, brave warrior, is that you don’t care where you come from, but where you end up. So rest assured and then you will negotiate again. And again, until you are finally equipped as the warrior you have always been.