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The storyline of many science fiction Hollywood films revolve around enemies taking over domestic command center. Around the same concept Tacticscore.io game has been developed. It is a multiplayer game where the objective of the players is to take down the enemy’s command center before his own is taken over by opponents.

The player teams up with either Red or Blue that is assigned randomly to each player. There are various servers online for the player to choose from. Upon inserting a nickname for yourself and clicking join, the player is taken to a screen where they could choose a battling machine for themselves. Some of the machines are locked and can be unlocked after a certain number of kills.

The battle happens to take place on an island, apparently. A minimap is displayed on the bottom-left corner of the screen where the players can actually keep an eye on enemy’s movement. As the player is destroyed by the opponent, he can instantly respawn without having to wait for next round. Scoreboard is displayed on the top-right corner of the screen where the player can track his progress.

Tacticscore.io is very addictive game for all the shooters out there. Your team is waiting for you, join them now!


The unit can be controlled with mouse. Move the mouse cursor to change the direction. Right click to attack.


Christopher Scott


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