Amazing Purple Color Gaming Chairs (Ultimate Guide)

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Purple is a color that always gives off a strange sort of vibe. Most people tend to love the color and its very gender neutral as well. If you’re gaming den already has a purple theme, or you’re trying to get a unique looking gaming chair, these gaming chairs in purple are some of the most aesthetic on the market.

Each of the chairs will be subject to a simple criterion. The aesthetic and build quality, the number of features and the value for money. After analyzing all the requirements for the chairs, you can easily pick which one suits you best.

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9 Top Selling Purple Gamer Chairs

Below we will talk about 9 of the very best Purple color chairs for every gamer:

1. Opseat Master Series

Opseat Master Series

The OPSEAT master series is the chair for you if you’re looking for something that provides high levels of comfort for long hours.

Aesthetic And Build Quality

The chair is primarily black with Purple inlays and hints around the side. However, the dark purple matches exceptionally well with the black to give off a very mysterious aesthetic. The chair will fit into any gaming den and immediately elevate the look. The chair is made using perforated PU leather, which makes it much more breathable than other chairs. Perforated leather can help a lot if you’re someone prone to sweating.

Additionally, the chair features a high-quality metal frame that can easily support up to 300 pounds. The structure is surrounded by cold molding foam that allows you to sink in quickly for comfort.


The master series has multiple features on offer. The chair offers a high degree of adjustability. You can adjust the height of the seat, as well as the tilt of the position. The slope is adjustable for 12 degrees. Additionally, the chair comes with 4D armrests so there’s no doubt you’ll easily find a comfortable place.

Also, the chair features a lock feature that allows you to lock in the recline at any angle. The chair moves to a full 180 degrees so you can lie down flat on it if you’re in the mood to take a nap. The chair comes with a removable lumbar pillow and headrest pillow that can provide support exactly where you need it most.

Value for money

The chair is slightly more expensive in comparison to those on offer before. It retails for $230. The higher price is worth it, however, if you have the budget. The chair offers a good number of features and is built using more top quality materials.


  • Material: PU Leather
  • Product Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 53 inches
  • Max Capacity: 300 pounds
  • Item Weight: 53 pounds
  • Manufacturer: OPSEAT

2. Secretlab Throne

Secretlab Throne in Purple and Black

Moving on to the pricier options the Secretlab Throne Prime is a top quality gaming chair made of the best materials.

Aesthetic and Build Quality

The chair has a very dark aesthetic and is primarily black featuring purple inlays. Additionally, the chair has high-quality craftsmanship, and you can see the purple stitching all around the chair. The chair makes use of high-quality foam, that molds itself around the shape of your spine for high levels of comfort.

The chair has an Aluminum base and frame that provides a combination of both lightweight and strength — enabling the chair to move around gracefully while supporting 300 pounds of weight.


Secretlab incorporates several tops of the line features into their chair. The use of a class 4 hydraulics system ensures a higher range of seat height adjustability. In addition to this, the chair also features a full-length recline, allowing you to lock the chair in flat and use it as a bed. The chair also has 4D armrests allowing you to change the position of your armrests to precisely what you want.

The chair also features an ergonomic design that is essential for back support.

Value For Money

The chair looks aesthetically brilliant and is made using high-quality materials, however on something that costs $350 you’d expect a few more features. The chair is slightly more expensive than it should be.

3. Vitesse

Vitesse Chair

The chair is a combination of the color purple and black. Made using PU leather the chair has a very glossy finish.

Aesthetic And Build Quality

The primary color of the chair is black featuring extensive purple inlays, and the branding is all in purple as well. The chair is made using PU leather which offers a glossy finish.

Furthermore, the steel frame of the chair is incredibly strong being able to withstand 300 pounds of weight quickly. Additionally, the wheels are noiseless and allow you to move around smoothly.

The chair is incredibly soft to sit in due to the use of an elastic sponge. The sponge shapes itself around your spine and provides higher levels of comfort.


The chair offers a lot of features that increase the overall functionality of the chair. The chair allows you to rotate 360-degrees completely. Furthermore, the Vitesse gaming chair can lock in at three different angles. The chair can lock in at 90-degrees, 110-degrees, and 150-degrees. The reclining is a somewhat limiting function as most chairs on the market offer a lot more angles. Some on the market even let you lay the chair out completely flat.

The chair has an incredibly ergonomic design. The wings curl in to provide increasing levels of back support. Additionally, the chair also offers a headrest cushion and lumbar pillow. Both of these are removable according to your preference.

Value For Money

The chair costs $99.99 and at this price with several features on offer the chair is incredibly good value. One thing to note is that the chair uses PU leather which may give off a smell while it’s new.


  • Material: PU Leather
  • Product Dimensions: 21.7 x 27.4 x 46.8 inches
  • Max Capacity: 300 LBS
  • Item Weight: 46 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Waleaf

5. Techni Sport TS-52

Techni Sport TS-52

The Techni Sport is one of the unique looking purple chairs on the market. The common thing to do is pair the purple color with black.

Aesthetic And Build Quality

The Purple and white aesthetic of the chair is incredibly unique and stands out quite a bit. The chair also features unique stitching that makes it look one of a kind. Additionally, the chair uses memory foam padding which is some of the most comfortable on the market. The chair also has a metal frame that allows for up to 300 pounds of support.

The Techni sport also has a five-prong base, that offers incredibly smooth movement.


Techni Sport offers some desirable features. The chair reclines to 150-degrees allowing to chill out after an intense gaming session. Furthermore, the tilt tension control allows you to adjust the level of rocking as well quickly. You can choose how much tension the chair gives you in return.

Furthermore, the chair has a 2D adjustable armrest and allows you to change the seat height to a high degree. Additionally, the chair has an adjustable headrest and lumbar pillow.

Value For Money

The chair costs nearly $250, and in that price, you get an incredibly unique looking chair with a healthy amount of features — one of the only chairs that offer a combination of purple and white.


  • Material: Memory Foam
  • Product Dimensions: 21.3 x 26.6 x 52.2 inches
  • Max Capacity: 300 lb
  • Item Weight: 48.5 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Techni Mobili

6. Fulol Terra Series

Fulol Terra Series

A minimalist gaming chair that doesn’t feature additional wing support, if you’re looking for a unique looking gaming chair, this may be the one for you.

Aesthetic And Build Quality

The gaming chair has one of the unique designs and aesthetics among all chairs in this review. The chair is a combination of black and purple with a very cool pattern. Also, the chair features a gap in the top that looks brilliant. The texturing on the back of the chair adds to the incredibly unique aesthetic.

Furthermore, the chair incorporates a very breathable soft mesh fabric which is best for people that are prone to sweating.


As cool as the aesthetics of the chair is its list of features is incredibly bare.  The chair allows for 360-degree rotation and has an adjustable height. Furthermore, the chair has a rocking feature that will enable you to rock the chair back 30 degrees. The chair uses rolling wheels that make no noise and allow for smooth movement.

Value For Money

The cost of the chair is $149.99, and for a chair that offers such little features, the price is significantly high. However, the unique look of the chair is attractive, and if you’re looking for a chair that stands out, this is the one for you.


  • Material: PU Leather and Mesh Fabric
  • Product Dimensions:  Seat area: 21’’(D) X 20’’ (L) X 3’’ (H). Seat back: 19’’ (L) X 30’’(H). Height: 47’’~51’’
  • Max Capacity: 225lbs
  • Item Weight: 34.83 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Fulol

8. MAXNOMIC Commander S

MAXNOMIC Commander S

The Maxnomic Commander S is another gaming chair that gives an incredibly unique look. The chair is a combination of black and purple, featuring purple stitching.

Aesthetic And Build Quality

The chair uses a high-quality metal frame that can easily support 300 pounds. In addition to the high-quality structure, the chair also makes use of a high-quality foam that is firm and doesn’t lose its shape.


The chair has a high backrest that helps ensure proper posture throughout the entire back. Additionally, the chair offers a lumbar pillow that provides considerable amounts of support for your lower back. The lumbar pillow is also adjustable and can move to wherever you need assistance most.

Moreover, the chair has 4D armrests that offer a lot of adjustments. The armrests move forward and backward, upwards and downwards and can tilt as well. The chair also provides plenty of reclining options, easily letting you adjust your viewing angle.

Value For Money

The MAXNOMIC chair costs $499 and is already a higher value for money than the BBGBBG chair. The chair offers similar levels of comfort and a higher level of features.


  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Manufacturer: MAXNOMIC
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