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With more and more people incorporating specific themes into their gaming units, the popularity of colorful keyboards is increasing. One immensely popular keyboard color is Pink. Whether you’re a Gamer who happens to like the color, or you’re looking to buy a gift for someone close to you, Pink keyboards will always look striking.

Within the world of keyboards, there are several options that you can purchase. If you need help determining which one to get, here’s a list of some prospects that are accessible in the market currently.

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Below we will talk about the very best cute pink keyboards available in market:

Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 (Quartz Pink)
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Our first keyboard on the list is the Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2. Every gamer in the world is familiar with Razer series, and the BlackWidow follows the same design of most Razer keyboards. There are some slight changes though, the font on the consoles doesn’t follow the typically bold font usually present on gaming keyboards.

Moreover, another refreshing change is the use of multiple different switches. The default keyboard features the typical Razer Green switches that are known for their incredibly tactile response. The other switches are much quieter in comparison and require less force to press as well.

The keyboard also features Razer’s incredible chroma lighting. There are so many different colors and gaming modes; you can even play snake on the console. Moreover, if the default lighting settings aren’t what you need, you can go to the Nvidia website. On the Nvidia website, you’ll find a whole host of custom light settings that you can download for specific games. In games like Counter-Strike, your keyboard will light up like a health bar and will flash accordingly when you receive damage. The BlackWidow also has some other essential features.

Five macro buttons can map complex functions, which is always good for gaming. If you’re on the watch for a solid pink keyboard that is tournament ready and will never let you down. The Razer BlackWidow is a great keyboard to buy, the price is relatively high, but you’re also paying for elite-level performance.

Sades Keyboard

The next keyboard on our list looks like something straight out of an Anime. The SADES mechanical gaming keyboard in the White/Pink color has a properly eye-catching color scheme. The look is customizable as well you can adjust the LED light settings, to different colors and different modes.

The design of the keyboard is versatile as well; it’s dust resistant and crumb resistant so that no dust will enter in between your keys. Just wash it down once in a while, and you’re good to go. The keyboard is also incredibly portable and uses a USB to connect, so you can pack it up and take it away from home. You’ll have people checking your keyboard out wherever you go.

Furthermore, the keys feel good. The buttons are tactile and responsive. The sound isn’t as loud as other mechanical keyboards; however; it still produces quite a satisfying sound. Apart from gaming, the keys are incredibly useful for typing as well, so if you’re a content writer or just anyone looking for a decent cute looking keyboard, you can go for this one.

The Keyboard ships with a keycap remover and a set of white and blue keycaps. You can get very DIY with the keyboard and change the keycaps to your liking. The Sades is compatible with all the latest Operating systems, so there’s no need to worry about that before buying.

All in all, if you’re looking for a super cute pink keyboard that packs a punch. Sades is a great and affordable option.

SADES V2020 / Pink Keyboard and Mouse

Another unique looking keyboard by Sades, the V2020 wireless is a unique blend of the past and feature. Its design features round keycaps that you rarely see on modern-day keyboards. It’s a major throwback to olden days of typewriters and visually are very pleasing. The V2020 is bubble gum pink in color and can spruce up any space. The overall aesthetic of the keyboard is excellent.

While the gaming performance is not that great, the keyboard is super portable and is excellent for typing. If you’re somebody that regularly needs to type and do work on your PC then this a solid buy, it has a long battery life, so you don’t need to worry about charging too much and has an easy setup.
The mouse that comes along with it is also wireless and has all the functional buttons. Again the mouse is serviceable when it comes to gaming but is excellent for overall use. The keys feel nice and springy. It has a super-smart energy-saving mode as well where the mouse goes to sleep after eight seconds of inactivity.

Moreover, the keyboard has 13 convenient hotkeys that control a range of multimedia and work-related activities in the V2020.

If you’re looking for a minimalist keyboard that you’re going to use for occasional gaming, just pick this one.

JOYACCESS Wireless Keyboard+Mouse Combo (Rose Gold)

Another Keyboard+Mouse combo that looks exceptional and is made by J JOYACCESS. The color is pink and features a hint of gold. The wireless keyboard uses a USB receiver, which means its incredibly easy to connect. The design of the J JOYACESS is skinny and unique, maintaining a minimal aesthetic. It almost looks like an apple product.

Another Keyboard that’s primary purpose is typing and office work. The keys are responsive and click correctly; however, they aren’t the most suitable for gaming. The laptop has a thin frame so any hardcore movements may move the keyboard around.

Furthermore, the mouse has a very decent dpi range but still isn’t a prime gaming mouse. However, for the minimal price, you’re paying it’s a solid office mouse to have.

If you need a keyboard and mouse to complete your minimal aesthetic, then you should go for the J JOYACCESS combo. The company is also very responsive and has an excellent aftercare service. If you have any troubles with your keyboard or mouse, be sure to expect a positive response from the company.

Qisan Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Pink)

The final product on our agenda is the Keycaps for the Mechanical Gaming Keyboard by Qisan. The particular set contains 108 keycaps that you can use for your 61/87/104/108 switch mechanical keyboard. Getting these keycaps can allow you to get Super DIY with your keyboard and add the dash of pink you need yourself.

The keycaps have a very ergonomic design and feel comfortable when you click them. Furthermore, the design of the keycaps is entirely opaque when backlit they create a subtle effect.

The sound of the keycaps is incredibly different as well from your regular gaming switches, their tactile keys that respond well and feel snappy when you press down. The extra thick material of the keycaps is also incredibly durable.

Qisan is responsible for an incredibly robust set of keycaps that you can use to add a dash of pink to your keyboard.

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