Earn to Die

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Game rating: 3.33 based on 6 votes.

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You are caught in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. The goal is to cross the desert without getting slowed down by the zombies. Zombies cannot kill you, but they will not let you move forward and reach your destination. A military awaits you on the other side of the desert.


It is a single player two-dimensional game (Earn to Die 1) where the player is stuck in the middle of the desert. He is driving a car and has to avoid the zombies and randomly placed hurdles to cross the desert before the gas runs out. The terrain is complicated and you have to climb the cliffs, deep pits, and run into wooden boxes. It is quite a violent game and blood oozes out when you hit a zombie.

The farther you go, more points will be added to your score. You can use these points to buy more gas, and get vehicular upgrades and stylish accessories.

How To Play

You have to figure out the controls first since there is no tutorial. There are three buttons:

  • Accelerate button to pour the gas.
  • Forward button for forward movement of the car.
  • Backward button for backward movement of the car.

You can rock your car forward and backward repeatedly to dig into a hurdle that does not get destroyed on a head-on collision. Make sure your car does not turn over while climbing a cliff.


Walkthrough Video