Dead Zed 2

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Game rating: 3.95 based on 56 votes.

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Dead Zed 2 is an adrenaline pumping, fast paced zombie shoot up game. The main objective of the game is to repel incoming hordes of zombies on round wise basis (each round is counted as a day) surviving 40 rounds. Players will traverse a map containing various locations with varying difficulty levels and will encounter different types of the undead. Dead Zed 2 always keeps you on your toes, placing players smack in the middle of all the action owing to its engaging graphics and soundtrack.


There’s more to Dead Zed 2 that catches the eye. After clearing the first round by eliminating all the zombies, players will be shown features, which effect their performance, such as, ‘TIME’, which is an in-game currency used for repairs and upgrades. Apart from surviving, players also have to maintain ‘MORALE’, which controls the efficiency of survivors in the player’s group. Morale can be boosted by finding supplies, survivors and weapons. Lastly, barricades, as the name suggests, display how well the hastily-put defenses are holding up and their deterioration, as more zombies make it past the player during each round.

In the beginning of the game, the player will start off with a pistol. New powerful weapons become available on clearing each location and more resources are recovered. At the end of each round, the stats are displayed showing total score, shots taken, headshots, accuracy, kills and time earned.

How To Play

The controls are pretty simple. The ‘Mouse’ is used for aiming and shooting. ‘Q’ is used for weapons swapping, the ‘Space’ is used to activate Rage Mode (a meter fills up during each round when the player scores a headshot). ‘R’ is used for reloading the weapon, ‘F’ is used for switching fire mode, and 1,2,3 num keys are used to detonate remote bombs.


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