Chicken Invaders

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Your worst nightmare has come true. The chickens are invading and you’re the last line of defense. Gamers must take control of their spaceships and face against the massive hordes of incoming chickens. The game is super similar to the arcade shooters that we all know and love.

All you need to do is maneuver your aircraft. The firing is completely automatic, and you just need to worry about hitting the target. Additionally, the enemies that you take down will provide you with different rewards. These come out in the form of coins or rewards.

Chicken Invaders offers a bit of a modern touch as well. There are different game modes that you can enjoy. One is the traditional endless mode that’s a hallmark of games belonging to this genre. If you find the endless mode a little stale, you can try out the new campaign. You need to make sure that you take down all the chickens, none may survive.

How to play Chicken Invaders?

Given the fact that the aircraft continuously shoots, there’s not a lot that you have to control. All you need to do is maneuver your aircraft using the mouse.

Mouse– Movement

• Make sure you familiarize yourself with the nature of the upgrades. They all represent different methods of shooting and fire rates.
• Collect all the money that falls. You need to make sure you go over anything in order to get it into your inventory.

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