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Game rating: 4.47 based on 15 votes.

Home » Driving Games » is a voguish and entertaining title that has been developed by the creators of The free online game features a witty 2D physics system with a real-time battle play against smart opponents using a car and the flail. The game offers you an opportunity to test your strategic planning and sharp deliberation skills by taking over the enemies through the use of prehensile tactics.

Features is an exciting game where you need to control your car while you throw the flail against other expert challengers. Be careful not to get too distracted as the green sentinels around can snatch energy from you. The easy to play game will have you break a sweat trying to master it. With an intense pure 2D physics backdrop, the game challenges you to concoct intelligent strategies to catch your enemies. But that’s not too gritty, as you can crush them against a wall, wait for them at the entrance of the central area or take them by surprise in the middle between your vehicle and the flail. Have fun knocking down your opponents in this marvelous game.

How To Play

To play, use your mouse to control the movement of your car or the WSAD/Arrow keys. Click the mouse button to release your flail and click another time to get it back. You can also use the keyboard to select different upgrades and levels in the game.


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